Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New blog!

Yes, it's true---I have a new blog.

If you've lost the link to my new blog, please email me & I'll get it to you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bummer, dude

We didn't get the house--the people that did bid 2k over the asking price so clearly they realllllly wanted the house.

We're back to square one & have a little more knowledge under our belts. We don't have to move immediately & the only schedule we have is our own, so we're in a good position.

Now back to knitting!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not much knitting

but perhaps I'll have a new place to store my yarn fairly soon. We submitted a contract on a house today! Much of the last couple weeks has been researching homes online (what neighborhood is it in, what school would Sunshine be zoned for, etc) & then going back & forth w/ our realtor. We looked at 6 houses on Thursday. By mid-afternoon I was mentally & physically exhausted. Floor plans, paint colors, & wallpaper ran together in my mind. Two houses stood out & we made arrangements to go back to one of them to measure the master to make sure our bedroom furniture would fit.

Yesterday we looked at one more house & while the price was right, we didn't get the vibes that it was "the" house. But still, 2 master suites, 2 more br's, hardwood floors didn't make up for the fact that the backyard was 75% stone patio (which was pretty but overkill), no garage & the driveway was reaaaaaaaaaally steep. Trick or treaters would egg our house because of the stone steps up from the street & I wouldn't blame them.

So right now, we're one of 3 contracts being presented today at 5. We do know that one of them is for less than our offer (both purchase price & earnest $$) so we're hoping the other offer is for less than ours too.

I know you're concerned about my yarn---there is a nice sized closet in the guest room that would work well.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And the winner is. . .

Lavender Ladybug & her suggestion of "Sunshine"!! It really fits the Wee One & Hunter thought
"Sunny" was cute too so, congratulations Lavender Ladybug!! I'll be in contact with you so I can get your yarn goodies to you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm told it's a rite of passage

but it left me feeling like I was either going to cry, laugh hysterically or be sick to my stomach.

The Wee One decided to cut her hair today. By herself. While we were out of the room. You'll remember that this was her hair last week on the 1st day of school. A little past her shoulders, no bangs, unlimited styling options.

Until today. I discovered the hair in the trash & honestly didn't know if I was going to cry, yell, be sick or laugh like a crazy person.
A quick dash to the kiddie salon & we left with a chin length bob w/ some bangs. I'm happy that we were able to do some sort of style as she really whacked off a good chunk on the left side of her head.

So here is my beautiful girl, with her big girl hair cut. I'm getting used to it & it's now hitting me why my parents used to cringe when I used to color, straighten, whatever my own hair.

On the Name That Kindergartener Contest front---we have a winner! The name & winner will be named tomorrow. It was a hard choice & Hunter was torn between a couple of the submissions. Thanks to everyone who played!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Name that Kindergartener Contest!

While I'm comfortable posting pics of my daughter on my blog, I'm not comfortable using her name. I've gone so far as to delete comments where people have mentioned her name or asked that they themselves delete the comment.

For years I've called her "The Wee One", which was fine while she was a wee one. But at 5 & in Kindergarten, she's really not a wee one anymore.

This leads me to sponsor a contest---the name that kindergartener contest. Starting now, ending on Friday the 14th. The winning nickname will be chosen by Hunter (he's sort of neutral, right?!) & the prize is some yummy, pretty yarn (to be shown later when I get off my butt & take a pic).

So, name away!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009


After much 5 yr old angst & declarations of "I don't want to go to Kindergarten!", we had a successful day. The Wee One saw a friend from last year's class (see hand-holding pic) & they helped each other into the building.

When I picked her up in the afternoon, her teacher told me that she had a great first day--listened well, helped friend from last yr when he fell on the playground, and was just wonderful. YAY!
We went out for ice cream after school & while we were walking to the car she told me "Mommy, you were right. Kindergarten IS fun!"

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Get away/ Come here

I've felt like the worst mother on the planet for the past couple days. The Wee One is so anxious about starting Kindergarten tomorrow. We've talked about being nervous, how it's natural & I've reminded her how she didn't want to move onto the PreK last year, that she wanted to stay w/ her 3 yr old class teacher. And how very quickly she grew to love Mrs. Kathy. Well, now we don't want to leave Mrs. Kathy.

Her behavior has been hit or miss for a few days. I know part of it is school & the other is getting used to being home after spending a month away. But I'm only human & the whining & not listening & attitude & clinginess is really wearing on me. I'm all about a hug & kiss but the wrapping herself around my legs or hanging on my arms. Driving me insane.

We had a pool playdate last week w/ some of our PreK friends & all the moms said the same thing about their children---whining, not listening, acting out. It reassured me but it still doesn't change things. I was relieved to know I'm not alone!

Last night we had Orientation at the Wee One's school & had the opportunity to meet her teacher. I had met her back in the Spring when I toured the school & was impressed with her. Very caring, knew her stuff & just got a very good vibe from her as well as the school. The Wee One found her desk & sat down but that was about it. "I don't want to be in Kindergarten, I want to be at my old school" *sigh* And this was after she realized 2 boys from her old school will be in her class.

So while I want her to stop clinging to me, I find myself wanting to hold her & stop time. I know I've said this before, but how did we get to this point? Didn't I just have a baby? Weren't we just doing playdates where the babies played & rolled around on the floor while we compared notes on sleeping, feeding, etc? I'm so grateful that I've been able to be a SAHM & to be home with her, especially since Hunter was gone so often.

Tomorrow will be a hard day, despite the fact that I've sent her to school before. Some of the other PreK moms from our group last yr are getting together for coffee & moral support. I think we're all going to need it!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

A new reality

Thank you all for your prayers & thoughts the past month. They have meant a lot & have given my family & I great comfort.

We're entering a new reality & while I'm doing well most days, I do have my moment where I realize that I can't call my parents to ask my Dad's advice on things. I really haven't been able to for the past few months but the finality of it all has settled in.

The Wee One starts school next week so we're gearing up for that. I still do not know how it's possible that she's entering Kindergarten! Time does flies too quickly & I've learned that there is no rewind button. While I have days where I think it would be great to be working outside the home, I am brought back to reality quickly & count my blessings that I'm able to spend my time w/ the Wee One & experience her life with her.

Obviously no knitting is going on but hopefully soon. I have some bebe gifts to make as well as begin thinking about Christmas presents.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Heaven has a new angel

R.I.P Daddy. I love you & know you're telling story after story & joke after joke in Heaven.

Home again, home again

The Wee One & I are back in GA, having left VT on Mon the 13th & VA on the 15th. Dad is in the hospital & is comfortable thanks to the effects of morphine. It's been a rough week, not knowing whether we should go back to VT or whether we should come home. We made the decision to come home to let the Wee One get back to her routine before we're called back.

Thank you for all your prayers & warm wishes for Dad. We knew a long time ago that this time would come & I'm at peace with it, for the most part. I don't know if you're ever really ready to acept something like this.

School starts in three weeks & I was pleased to find out that our enrollment fee included all of the Wee One's school supplies!!! YAY! She's all set with a backpack & lunch bag from last year--her old preschool furnished schoolbags so her backpack is in nearly perfect condition. I am debating getting a lunch bag from Land's End---it keeps things cold for up to 5 hours which would be perfect. I'm not sure if her Disney Princess one does the same or not. Perhaps I'll do a little experiment & see before I spend the money.

Not much knitting going on right now, but I did score some great deals on Noro Cash Island & Colinette Lasso while I was in VT. Both were 1/2 off. I should have picked up one more skein of the Lasso.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation, of a sort

Greetings from Vermont! The Wee One & I came up a little over a week ago to visit my family as my Dad's health has deteriorated since Christmas & we've been given the "prepare for the worst" speech by his visiting nurse & other health care professionals.

I've prepared myself for this as his health has been on the decline for about 10 years. Everytime we leave VT, I think it'll be the last time I'll see him. The sad thing is, this time I might be right.

So anyway! We had a lovely time on the UVM boat Melosira on Lake Champlain, watching the fireworks. A friend of mine from my tween & teen years & I got back in contact courtesy of Facebook. Her dad captains the ship. A generous invite later & there we were, on the lake watching a great fireworks display.

In addition to spending time w/ Memere & Pepere, we had our first Mommy/Wee One trip that didn't involve seeing family! We spent 2 days in Boston & had a lot of fun! I lived in Boston for 7 years so it's strange going somewhere that you called home & being a tourist. You know where things are & how best to get there (T, walk, drive), but you're not local anymore. We got to see several old friends & coworkers---all of whom who had never met the Wee One as the last time I was there I didn't know I was pregnant yet!

We went to the Aquarium (she loved the jellies, turtles, seals & the penguins), ate lunch at Faneuil Hall, people watched on Beacon Hill, visited my old BH apt (she told me she wants to live there one day. Trust me my little bugaboo---we all want to live on the Hill!) , rode on the Swan Boat in the Public Garden & of course, played on the Make Way For Ducklings statues in the Garden!

We got back to VT on Friday & head home next week. I normally don't do this on my blog, but if you've got any prayers/positive thoughts/vibes, my family certainly could use them right now. Trying times are here & are staying.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our super-wonderful Daddy (who is home with us this year!) with our super-wonderful girl.

We had a low-key day yesterday---Hunter & the Wee One went swimming while I stayed in, watched the Real Housewives marathon (don't we all appreciate a good table flipping?) & seamed together my Feather & Fan Baby Cardigan.

The weather has been brutal so we've been doing lots of swimming & singing the praises of whoever invented air conditioning! Poor Libby has suffered as it's just too hot to go play ball in the afternoons---I'm going to have to start bringing her in the mornings when it's only in the 80's!

I have a pair of socks on my needles now---Cascade Fixation anklets for me. I found out a friend from hs is pregnant & expecting a girl in December---more pink/purple knitting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost there!!

We spent the week of Memorial Day on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Now, let me say that we're big Destin, Fl fans---love the Gulf, love the white sands. After spending time on AMI, Destin is nothing but a fond memory. AMI is beyond beautiful & there is a law limiting the height of the buildings so there are no high rise condos blocking your view of the Gulf.

The Wee One at Coquina Beach----look at that water! We went to this beach one day & it was wonderful. Except for the time Hunter went off diving for shells & I couldn't see him.

The sunsets were beyond amazing. This pic was taken on our final night there from our table at The Beach House restaurant. We had such amazing service & the food was so yummy that we went 2 nights in a row. Yummy crab cakes & Hunter maintains the steak was the best he's had anywhere!

The Wee One in the dinosaur's mouth at the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa. We saw the Body Worlds exhibit which was very interesting. The only part that was a little disconcerting was when the Wee One realized that these were once living people.

The Wee One on Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, Fl. Apparently it's the #2 beach in the country. Soft white sands, goes on for miles, a couple cute lifeguards but sadly the sea shell hunting wasn't that great. The surf was pretty rough while we were there so we did lots of playing in the sand!

Me & my beautiful girl at The Beach House! Hunter has a similar pic as his wallpaper on his phone. Great memories of a wonderful vacation!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you sick of playing catch up yet?

Suddenly May was upon us & the Wee One was graduating from PreK! It was very sad as she's been at the preschool since she was 2 years old. This year was special--not just her teachers (whom she adored), the great mix of kids but the moms too. We had lots of playdates, Mom's lunches out & even yesterday a few of us got together for pizza & bowling with the kids.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I have two friends having girls, one is having her first, the other having her 3rd girl (4th child) so there is gobs o'baby knitting going on & in the works.

Here are the t-strap booties that will soon be sent to NY. Some baby leg warmers are also on the needles to go with. Can I just say, baby legwarmers are fun to knit---they're small enough to knit up fairly quickly, are both practical & adorable & are just a little different than the standard blanket present.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catch Up Part III

After going to a friend's bowling party last fall, the Wee One decided she wanted a bowling party too, only "the girls will dress as princesses & the boys will dress as princes" After much discussion I managed to convince her that the boys probably didn't have princes costumes & that a Princesses & Heroes party would be much better.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Catch Up Part II

On April 25th we went to see Disney on Ice which has become an annual event for us (can't say I mind!). This year we went w/ a friend from school & his mom. The Wee One always dresses like Snow White for DoI. She got lots of ooohs & aahs & it was nice to see other little girls dressed up too!

Playing Catch Up

Since I went so long without blogging I feel like I need to share what we've been up to & why I haven't been knitting.

We went to Yellow River Game Ranch with my friend Paige & her 3 girls (the youngest is turning 1 this month & didn't make it into our picture). Her oldest is a couple weeks younger than the Wee One so we were pregnant together.

The girls got along really well & played nicely together, which is always nice!

For some reason the black bears made me really sad. They look like they'd really rather be somewhere else.

Isn't the peacock gorgeous? Their colors are so incredibly rich---I took lots of pics of them!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

FINALLY! A Finished Object!!

May I present the Circle cloth---my first FO in a couple months! I started it Monday at Knit Night (mmmm Panera!) & finished Tuesday while the Wee One & I were at the pool. Easy pattern to memorize & fun to knit.

Now I'm in full fledged baby knitting for a couple friends who are expecting. I found some things I liked in a Debbie Bliss book tonight @ Barnes & Noble so I'm feeling very inspired!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two more views

and soon we'll be home. Knitting will resume, I promise, but for now enjoy the pics.

Two of the most important people in my life.

And our view during dinner last night @ The Beachhouse in Bradenton Beach, Fl.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hopefully this will distract you

I apologize for not being better with my blogging but life (as always) has been hectic. Not much knitting has been going on & right now we're enjoying this beautiful view in Anna Maria Island, FL. Can you hear the sound of the surf?

I promise there will be more going on when we get back & life as we know it resumes.

'Til then, enjoy the view!

Monday, April 06, 2009

5 years later, 4/6/04

After spending 17 hrs in labor, we were presented with our beautiful baby girl. At 10 lbs 11 oz & 22" long she was the biggest baby in the nursery. To us, she was perfect.

Fast forward 5 years & here we are at her school celebrating her birthday with her classmates. Today is our family celebration--the last time Hunter was home for her birthday she was turning 2. You read that right--he missed her 3rd & 4th birthdays, so today is doubly special. Her party is in a couple weeks & the weekend after her party she & I are going to see Disney on Ice, courtesy of Grandma and Papa & Memere and Pepere.

I'm slowly learning that we're not the only ones who suffer from certain "miletone" birthdays. You know how people freak over turning 30, 40, etc? Well, it happens to parents when their children reach certain ages. Five! She is FIVE. That's the end of toddlerhood & the beginning of "big kid-dom" I don't think I'm going to cry when she starts Kindergarten in August (yeah, right! Did that when she started preschool!), but I will feel sad that my baby is growing up. At the risk of sounding trite---enjoy your babies when they're young as they do grow up too fast!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

April 5th 2004

This is what I looked like. Ginormous. I was 39 weeks & 5 days pregnant. Roughly a 37 lb weight gain.

I was scheduled to be induced the following day so Hunter & I spent a leisurely Monday by going to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company & then walking. A lot of walking.

We were very anxious & excited to meet our beautiful girl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Holly posted a pic of her knitting books so I thought I would do the same. When I started knitting I figured I'd never need to spend money on books because of all the patterns available on the internet. I mean, why would I want to??

I know, it's funny. I laugh when I think about it too!

Not much going on the knitting front. Spring Break is what I'm calling it. I got great news today that a good friend of mine is pregnant & due in October. Hmmm, chilly weather kicks in after October. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yarn, glorious yarn

My knit group had a field trip today to Peachtree City, GA (about an hour & 15 min away) to a brand new yarn shop! Sugarfoot Yarns has opened & can I say--what a lovely little shop! I managed to leave relatively unscathed---the artyarns beaded silk kept calling me. Seriously screaming my name. I left with 3 skeins of yarn--Misti Alpaca handpainted sock yarn, Misti Alpaca lace & Malabrigo (Smellabrigo---private joke for the group) sock yarn.

Here's the group after we made our purchases. Afterwards we went to Tuesday Morning for cheap (I mean, inexpensive) knitting books & then to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Family Fun Day

Yesterday we had Family Fun Day while Hunter's unit is in the field. We got to go out to the range to see the tanks/bradleys doing live fire exercises, check out the inside of various vehicles (m1a1 tank, bradleys, and the new stryker med. evac) & play with weapons (blanks obviously!) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

We have SNOW!!!!!

And I LOVE it!!!!

The Wee One donned her snow boots, winter coat, hat, mittens & went out to play. She & Hunter threw snowballs & we made a small snowman.

The only downside of the snow---the daffodils. Snow makes them sad.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have I turned into a scarf knitter?

And if so, is that bad? Here is Hunter's scarf, or at least 1/3 of it. Right now I'm about 55% into it. If the chilly weather doesn't last here he'll have it when it gets cold again next winter.

The Wee One has a new interest---tennis! My brother Michael chuckled when I told him "there's got to be scholarship potential somehow, right?" He works in higher education (VP of Student Life at an East Coast university) & after a pause said "Stamford--isn't that where McEnroe went??" She is due to start later this week, pics to follow.

I got a little teary eyed this morning reading the obituaries from my home town paper. The widow of a WWII veteran died & this was in her obit:

Rose would often tell the story of how overjoyed she was when some of Gus's Army duffle bags arrived back to the house from Europe, meaning that Gus was coming home soon, and then again when her brother Jim's Marine Corp. duffle bags started arriving home from the Pacific, meaning that he too would arrive home safe.

It made me think of Hunter's deployments when we'd get the official word to stop sending mail. I also remember going to the PO to pick up a foot locker, covered in desert sand (trust me when I say that stuff NEVER comes out!) & feeling the excitement that he was finally coming home.

So this morning I "connected" with a 98 yr old woman that I never knew just for a moment. I knew exactly the joy she felt knowing he was coming home. I wonder if she was a knitter too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fiddle Dee Dee!

Gone With The Wind is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) today. Starting in just a few minutes. I have to say, and those who know me best would admit, it is my all time, hands down favorite movie. Of all time.

I think I fell in love with it somewhere around the age of 8 when I saw it for the first time while spending the night with my Aunt Barbara (my Dad's only sister). She told me how she skipped school to see it in the theater! To my 8 year old mind, skipping school was probably one of the worst offenses you could commit. Skipping school? Insanity!

I was smitten the first time I saw Scarlett O'Hara in that white & green dress at the Wilkes' BBQ. How can you not be?

From that point, obsession took over. I looked forward to it showing on tv (once a year back then & before the age of the VCR/DVR). Immediately acquired a paperback copy of the book which I read. And read. And read some more. All 1034 pages. Or something like that. My father told me he had read it in school & proclaimed it the worst book he'd ever read. Sacrilege!!!! Clearly he just didn't get it!

But Aunt Barbara did. And somehow, my Mom too. The GWTW gifts started somewhere after that. Collector plates. Music boxes. My Mom (and other collectors) kept the Franklin Mint in business in the '80's buying everything & anything GWTW for me. (and the other collectors, for themselves). When I was in college & working at Waldenbooks I would snatch up every book about the movie.

While we're discussing books, let me just say that Scarlett, the sequel----bad. Bad, bad, bad. We won't discuss it further. And the tv movie made from it? Blech!

When I lived in Portland, ME, I made friends with another GWTW freak. Her collection was almost as extensive as mine. I had more music boxes, but she had the Vivien Leigh bio. We would have showings at her house. Bring our favorite memorabilia, have drinks and munches & watch the movie. A box of tissues always found its way to the couch as I pretty much cry for the last 30-45 min of the movie. Scarlett running thru the fog back to Rhett? Yeah, I'm a goner at that point.

The highlight of my time in Portland was the movie being shown at the State Theater. GWTW on the big screen???? We were there 2 nights in a row.

Before my ex & I got married he had to sit through the movie. I should have known it wasn't going to work when all he did was mock the movie.

So 30+ years into my love affair with the movie, I find myself comfy on the couch, knitting project nearby & the Wee One in her room for rest hour.

One of these days she & I will take a trip to ATL to the Margaret Mitchell house (I'm ashamed to admit, I haven't been in all the time I've lived here!) . And in a couple years she & I will have a Mommy & Wee One movie night where I'll introduce her to the movie that has been one of my joys since I was a wee one!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dragon Scales Scarf

Miss Lisa's Dragon Scales scarf is finally finished!

Today I've been listing baby items on the Just4Kidz website for their March consignment sale. Hopefully it all sells!!

Hunter's scarf is now on the needles--only 3 months after I got the yarn!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Libby Ibby Bibby!

Our sweet Schnauzer Libby turns 6 today! Her favorite hobby, as seen in the pic, is playing ball in the afternoons. Okay, any time of day really. She usually starts to bring me her ball around 3pm & it doesn't stop until we've gone out to play fetch.

She's a big snuggle bug & loves belly rubs, ear scratches & loves to be held. As I type, she's on the back of the couch (her perch so she can see outside) and is keeping my back warm.

Hunter's aunt (who is friends with the breeder & owned Libby's great grandmother (Snookie) & great uncle (Ditto) proclaimed Libby to be the "best schnauzer in the world" & agrees with me when I say we really got the pick of the litter!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweet girl & wonderful husband yesterday at her Valentine's party at school. We weren't planning on him coming so it was a nice surprise!

We're enjoying the fact that Daddy is home with us this year & are taking it easy today as the weather is a little "blech".

Take advantage of today to let those around you know how you feel. Be nice, of course!! Consider yourselves hugged & know how much I appreciate each & every one of you!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The pictures don't lie

I was looking at the hot pink cloth I made for the Wee One's teacher last night & realized there is an error in the top heart. I know errors happen & we excuse them as "design features" but when it's part of a small heart pattern it's pretty obvious & not even claiming a "design feature" can help.

So this morning I CO the Quilted Hearts Dishcloth. Fun little pattern, a quick knit & the best part---no "design features"!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A very yarn filled day!

Not one, but two, count 'em TWO FO's! I was trying to come up with a good teacher gift for Valentine's Day & then it hit me----washcloth, shower gel & lotion.

Off to my stash to find pink or red cotton yarn. Obviously it wasn't hard. Next stop, Ravelry to find the patterns. Then I started knitting. When I finished the first cloth (the 5 heart pale pink) I went into what Hunter calls "The Closet of Doom" into my stash of toiletries & found some yummy smelling Bath & Body Works shower gels & lotions for the Wee One's teacher & the aide.

Then I CO for cloth #2 (2 heart hot pink) after dinner. Knitted thru LOST at 8pm & by the time this week's new episode started, I was onto the plain stockinette & garter stitch rows.

Blocking to follow & then to be wrapped up w/ the companion goodies for Friday!

And finally, I purchased one more skein of yarn. This time from Amanda at

Amanda dyes the most beautiful yarns & is a fellow New Englander as well as Red Sox fan. In short---she's perfect *wink*