Monday, April 06, 2009

5 years later, 4/6/04

After spending 17 hrs in labor, we were presented with our beautiful baby girl. At 10 lbs 11 oz & 22" long she was the biggest baby in the nursery. To us, she was perfect.

Fast forward 5 years & here we are at her school celebrating her birthday with her classmates. Today is our family celebration--the last time Hunter was home for her birthday she was turning 2. You read that right--he missed her 3rd & 4th birthdays, so today is doubly special. Her party is in a couple weeks & the weekend after her party she & I are going to see Disney on Ice, courtesy of Grandma and Papa & Memere and Pepere.

I'm slowly learning that we're not the only ones who suffer from certain "miletone" birthdays. You know how people freak over turning 30, 40, etc? Well, it happens to parents when their children reach certain ages. Five! She is FIVE. That's the end of toddlerhood & the beginning of "big kid-dom" I don't think I'm going to cry when she starts Kindergarten in August (yeah, right! Did that when she started preschool!), but I will feel sad that my baby is growing up. At the risk of sounding trite---enjoy your babies when they're young as they do grow up too fast!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

April 5th 2004

This is what I looked like. Ginormous. I was 39 weeks & 5 days pregnant. Roughly a 37 lb weight gain.

I was scheduled to be induced the following day so Hunter & I spent a leisurely Monday by going to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company & then walking. A lot of walking.

We were very anxious & excited to meet our beautiful girl.