Friday, July 31, 2009

A new reality

Thank you all for your prayers & thoughts the past month. They have meant a lot & have given my family & I great comfort.

We're entering a new reality & while I'm doing well most days, I do have my moment where I realize that I can't call my parents to ask my Dad's advice on things. I really haven't been able to for the past few months but the finality of it all has settled in.

The Wee One starts school next week so we're gearing up for that. I still do not know how it's possible that she's entering Kindergarten! Time does flies too quickly & I've learned that there is no rewind button. While I have days where I think it would be great to be working outside the home, I am brought back to reality quickly & count my blessings that I'm able to spend my time w/ the Wee One & experience her life with her.

Obviously no knitting is going on but hopefully soon. I have some bebe gifts to make as well as begin thinking about Christmas presents.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Heaven has a new angel

R.I.P Daddy. I love you & know you're telling story after story & joke after joke in Heaven.

Home again, home again

The Wee One & I are back in GA, having left VT on Mon the 13th & VA on the 15th. Dad is in the hospital & is comfortable thanks to the effects of morphine. It's been a rough week, not knowing whether we should go back to VT or whether we should come home. We made the decision to come home to let the Wee One get back to her routine before we're called back.

Thank you for all your prayers & warm wishes for Dad. We knew a long time ago that this time would come & I'm at peace with it, for the most part. I don't know if you're ever really ready to acept something like this.

School starts in three weeks & I was pleased to find out that our enrollment fee included all of the Wee One's school supplies!!! YAY! She's all set with a backpack & lunch bag from last year--her old preschool furnished schoolbags so her backpack is in nearly perfect condition. I am debating getting a lunch bag from Land's End---it keeps things cold for up to 5 hours which would be perfect. I'm not sure if her Disney Princess one does the same or not. Perhaps I'll do a little experiment & see before I spend the money.

Not much knitting going on right now, but I did score some great deals on Noro Cash Island & Colinette Lasso while I was in VT. Both were 1/2 off. I should have picked up one more skein of the Lasso.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation, of a sort

Greetings from Vermont! The Wee One & I came up a little over a week ago to visit my family as my Dad's health has deteriorated since Christmas & we've been given the "prepare for the worst" speech by his visiting nurse & other health care professionals.

I've prepared myself for this as his health has been on the decline for about 10 years. Everytime we leave VT, I think it'll be the last time I'll see him. The sad thing is, this time I might be right.

So anyway! We had a lovely time on the UVM boat Melosira on Lake Champlain, watching the fireworks. A friend of mine from my tween & teen years & I got back in contact courtesy of Facebook. Her dad captains the ship. A generous invite later & there we were, on the lake watching a great fireworks display.

In addition to spending time w/ Memere & Pepere, we had our first Mommy/Wee One trip that didn't involve seeing family! We spent 2 days in Boston & had a lot of fun! I lived in Boston for 7 years so it's strange going somewhere that you called home & being a tourist. You know where things are & how best to get there (T, walk, drive), but you're not local anymore. We got to see several old friends & coworkers---all of whom who had never met the Wee One as the last time I was there I didn't know I was pregnant yet!

We went to the Aquarium (she loved the jellies, turtles, seals & the penguins), ate lunch at Faneuil Hall, people watched on Beacon Hill, visited my old BH apt (she told me she wants to live there one day. Trust me my little bugaboo---we all want to live on the Hill!) , rode on the Swan Boat in the Public Garden & of course, played on the Make Way For Ducklings statues in the Garden!

We got back to VT on Friday & head home next week. I normally don't do this on my blog, but if you've got any prayers/positive thoughts/vibes, my family certainly could use them right now. Trying times are here & are staying.