Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation, of a sort

Greetings from Vermont! The Wee One & I came up a little over a week ago to visit my family as my Dad's health has deteriorated since Christmas & we've been given the "prepare for the worst" speech by his visiting nurse & other health care professionals.

I've prepared myself for this as his health has been on the decline for about 10 years. Everytime we leave VT, I think it'll be the last time I'll see him. The sad thing is, this time I might be right.

So anyway! We had a lovely time on the UVM boat Melosira on Lake Champlain, watching the fireworks. A friend of mine from my tween & teen years & I got back in contact courtesy of Facebook. Her dad captains the ship. A generous invite later & there we were, on the lake watching a great fireworks display.

In addition to spending time w/ Memere & Pepere, we had our first Mommy/Wee One trip that didn't involve seeing family! We spent 2 days in Boston & had a lot of fun! I lived in Boston for 7 years so it's strange going somewhere that you called home & being a tourist. You know where things are & how best to get there (T, walk, drive), but you're not local anymore. We got to see several old friends & coworkers---all of whom who had never met the Wee One as the last time I was there I didn't know I was pregnant yet!

We went to the Aquarium (she loved the jellies, turtles, seals & the penguins), ate lunch at Faneuil Hall, people watched on Beacon Hill, visited my old BH apt (she told me she wants to live there one day. Trust me my little bugaboo---we all want to live on the Hill!) , rode on the Swan Boat in the Public Garden & of course, played on the Make Way For Ducklings statues in the Garden!

We got back to VT on Friday & head home next week. I normally don't do this on my blog, but if you've got any prayers/positive thoughts/vibes, my family certainly could use them right now. Trying times are here & are staying.



Channon said...

Most certainly you have my prayers. I'm glad you had such a fun trip to Boston and hope life continues to give you enough sunshine to carry you through the rain.

Jane said...

Sorry to hear about your dad - I'll keep you in my prayers.
Sounds like a good time in Boston - love the Boston acquarium!

Jami said...

I'm glad you have had a great trip. I've enjoyed the pictures :)

And, yes, your dad is in my prayers. Haha--a great quote from our fave movie... "Yes, I pray!"

Call me from the road, I'll try to answer :)

Cathy said...

I'm right there with you missy...just got back from Michigan, and 4 days later, my Mom fell getting out of bed...she's finished up with her radiation treatments for her 2nd go-round with her lymphoma...

hugs, love and prayers for you all! Oh, and the Boston kids are moving home..thanks to the economy and being laid off.