Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just one more. . .

Mason-Dixon Washcloth. Sugar & Cream in Cool Breeze Ombre.
Moss grid hand towel is next. Or perhaps the chevron stripe towel. I have a gorgeous hank of claudia's hand painted yarn that would look great in that pattern.
Is it the 8th yet????


Granted it's "just" a dishcloth but a FO nonetheless! I started it on Monday night at Panera w/ the Columbus Knitter's Group (the phrase 'stitch & bitch' irks me so you won't see it used here) & finished it before leaving 2 1/2 hrs later.
I can't touch my Yarrow Rib socks or my Lace Leaf Shawl until the Olympics start as they're my "events" for the Ravlery UFOlympics. Of course, now I'm totally motivated to work on them! I need small projects to do between now & Opening Ceremonies. The Wee One's Monica just needs straps & I have another dishcloth (the round MDK) on the needles. Perhaps I'll get my mohair scarf done by next week too.
A funny---Hunter's birthday is next week & I've been trying to come up with the perfect gift as it's a milestone b-day. The hard part is he just came home from a deployment & has been shopping up a storm. New stereo in his car, tinted the windows, he got a new laptop while he was there, has bought numerous video games. He bought a fancy schmancy camera over there. Bought a new lens for it on our trip to Paris. We bought souvenirs in Paris. We shopped in Orlando & got some kitchen crack at Calphalon. Why must this be so difficult?????
So my friend says "what about sky diving lessons?"
For the average man skydiving lessons might be fun & exciting. For a soldier? Eh. If he were interested in jumping out of a plane he would go to airborne school & get paid to do so.
I did manage to come up w/ a good plan for his birthday but you'll have to wait until next week to hear about it as I know he reads my blog on occasion.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, I am the mother of a little girl

and today performed a time honored ritual of signing her up for dance classes!

I started dance lessons when I was 7 or 8 (interestingly enough, the same time I learned to knit). The first year I was only interested in jazz (or modern, whichever you prefer) but after that the tap bug hit. Of course, for years I'd threaten to quit tap but stuck with it after finding out you couldn't be in the elite group unless you took both. After a few years I decided that ballet was my passion. Really, unless you have a God given gift, starting ballet at 12 is rediculous. The year I was able to go en pointe (freshman yr of high school) I quit ballet to play field hockey figuring that 4 years of field hockey would look better on a college application than ballet.

I finally stopped dancing when I was 23 or 24. I still have days where I think I should find an adult tap class & relive the fun I had.

So fast forward to the Wee One. She loves to dance, loves music & can be quite the little ham, as most girls her age. For the past year I've debated whether to sign her up for dance classes or soccer. She can run & kick a ball w/ the best of them & really, either would be a great choice.

Last week I saw an ad for a local dance school's open house in a local parenting magazine. I was already considering a program thru the university but really wanted something that offered a traditional dance program. I consulted w/ a friend from my days in the MOMS club whose girls have taken dance from yet another school for her opinion.

Today we visited the dance school, I chatted w/ a mom whose daughter will start her 4th yr at the school, saw some recital videos & met w/ the owner (who started the school in 1979). Pretty impressive & got good vibes so here we are!

We ordered shoes & went to buy a couple leotards & some tights. HOW did we arrive at this day? My baby is old enough for dance lessons?! Wow. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed my time dancing & that it becomes a lifelong source of joy for her, be it as a student or watching a performance.

If we discover she doesn't enjoy it, part of me will be a little sad as I want her to really enjoy it but if she doesn't there's always soccer.

And music.

And tennis.

And swimming.

And of course, knitting *wink*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Needle porn

After trying to knit a mohair scarf w/ regular addi's I realized it was time to invest in some knit picks needles.
So, may I introduce my new friends, nickel plated size 7 & 11 tips, their friends harmony wood tips size 8 & 24" & 32" cables.
I have some KP size 6 tips & 16" cables & like them so I figured I'd add to the collection.

Happy Wednesday!

Hunter & I on Saturday on our way to a wedding in ATL (vow reaffirmation really, The couple was married in Feb 07 before he left for OIF5 & are having their big reception now). We clean up well, huh?

And the Wee One's Monica, well what's been done of it! I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in columbine for the body & cotton ball for the ruffle. Can I just say, I am LOVING this yarn?! Knits up nicely, is soft, etc. Koigu has a competitor for my affections!!

It's icky outside today (thundering, raining etc) so we're off to Barnes & Noble so the Wee One can play w/ the trains & I can look at some knitting books. I saw the cutest ballet wrap at Carter's yesterday & realized that I didn't like the yarn/fiber from which it was made & that I could make one myself. I found a pattern on Ravelry that should work but I'm going to look at some Debbie bliss books to see what else is out there. And LeslieJ has inspired me to pick up the socks on circs book.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yeah, I'm doing a good job

Parenthood is one job where you don't get a performance review. Sure, people comment that you're a good mother/father or maybe they comment on your child's good manners but no one sits you down & says "we'd like to see you work on your rainy day activities but overall we're very pleased & you'll see a 4% pay increase."

So, how do you know you're doing a good job, that you're doing the right thing by your child?

I got a sign today--we went shopping for a new floor lamp as well as a wedding gift for friends who are renewing their vows next weekend (they got married last winter before he deployed). Hunter ran our purchases to the car & then to Barnes & Noble while the Wee One & I went to Toys R Us to pick out a doll outfit for her baby doll, Baby Ella.

As we were walking down the aisles in TRU she stopped & picked up a toy someone had left on the floor & put it away where it belonged. Without being asked. I stopped, looked her in the eye & told her that I was proud of her for doing the right thing.

Onto Marshalls for a quick peek & again, a little doll had fallen on the floor & the Wee One picked her up & put her back on the table. Lightning DOES strike twice!

I feel so very validated as a mother---she IS paying attention when I do things, say things, ask her to do things. I AM doing the right things with her!

I stopped patting myself on the back long enough to do some knitting & throw a load of laundry in the wash.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday, America!
Unlike some people, I have always been proud of my country. I may not have liked what was going on, but I have always been proud of this country & am grateful to have been born here!
I always wonder if our country is supposedly SO horrible, then why are people still risking their lives to come here? Hmmmm, food for thought.
Take a moment out of your day today to wish our beautiful country a happy birthday.
Enjoy the holiday & stay safe!