Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Granted it's "just" a dishcloth but a FO nonetheless! I started it on Monday night at Panera w/ the Columbus Knitter's Group (the phrase 'stitch & bitch' irks me so you won't see it used here) & finished it before leaving 2 1/2 hrs later.
I can't touch my Yarrow Rib socks or my Lace Leaf Shawl until the Olympics start as they're my "events" for the Ravlery UFOlympics. Of course, now I'm totally motivated to work on them! I need small projects to do between now & Opening Ceremonies. The Wee One's Monica just needs straps & I have another dishcloth (the round MDK) on the needles. Perhaps I'll get my mohair scarf done by next week too.
A funny---Hunter's birthday is next week & I've been trying to come up with the perfect gift as it's a milestone b-day. The hard part is he just came home from a deployment & has been shopping up a storm. New stereo in his car, tinted the windows, he got a new laptop while he was there, has bought numerous video games. He bought a fancy schmancy camera over there. Bought a new lens for it on our trip to Paris. We bought souvenirs in Paris. We shopped in Orlando & got some kitchen crack at Calphalon. Why must this be so difficult?????
So my friend says "what about sky diving lessons?"
For the average man skydiving lessons might be fun & exciting. For a soldier? Eh. If he were interested in jumping out of a plane he would go to airborne school & get paid to do so.
I did manage to come up w/ a good plan for his birthday but you'll have to wait until next week to hear about it as I know he reads my blog on occasion.


jopal said...

Could he use a subscription to XM or Sirius radio? I get Larry that every year as part of his Christmas present.
Tickets to a red Sox game would be nice ! HEHE

jopal said...

I loke closely at your dishcloth- started to laugh! I made the same dishcloth for my partner in the Keeping Cool in the Summer dishcloth swap! She collecs Dragon Flies!

lauriec said...

Hee!! It's one of my favorite patterns! I made one for the Wee One w/ cotton tots & it's so soft!