Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, I am the mother of a little girl

and today performed a time honored ritual of signing her up for dance classes!

I started dance lessons when I was 7 or 8 (interestingly enough, the same time I learned to knit). The first year I was only interested in jazz (or modern, whichever you prefer) but after that the tap bug hit. Of course, for years I'd threaten to quit tap but stuck with it after finding out you couldn't be in the elite group unless you took both. After a few years I decided that ballet was my passion. Really, unless you have a God given gift, starting ballet at 12 is rediculous. The year I was able to go en pointe (freshman yr of high school) I quit ballet to play field hockey figuring that 4 years of field hockey would look better on a college application than ballet.

I finally stopped dancing when I was 23 or 24. I still have days where I think I should find an adult tap class & relive the fun I had.

So fast forward to the Wee One. She loves to dance, loves music & can be quite the little ham, as most girls her age. For the past year I've debated whether to sign her up for dance classes or soccer. She can run & kick a ball w/ the best of them & really, either would be a great choice.

Last week I saw an ad for a local dance school's open house in a local parenting magazine. I was already considering a program thru the university but really wanted something that offered a traditional dance program. I consulted w/ a friend from my days in the MOMS club whose girls have taken dance from yet another school for her opinion.

Today we visited the dance school, I chatted w/ a mom whose daughter will start her 4th yr at the school, saw some recital videos & met w/ the owner (who started the school in 1979). Pretty impressive & got good vibes so here we are!

We ordered shoes & went to buy a couple leotards & some tights. HOW did we arrive at this day? My baby is old enough for dance lessons?! Wow. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed my time dancing & that it becomes a lifelong source of joy for her, be it as a student or watching a performance.

If we discover she doesn't enjoy it, part of me will be a little sad as I want her to really enjoy it but if she doesn't there's always soccer.

And music.

And tennis.

And swimming.

And of course, knitting *wink*


PhDCow said...

Yay! Such an exciting time for you ladies!

Jami said...

She'll love it. You'll love it! It will be great. I totally think you should find an adult class. You'd kick ass, and be all the envy :)