Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Hump Day!

Shameless bag brag here-----the first is the bag I made Jami for her b-day, the 2nd is Mom's bag for Spring & the 3rd is the one I made for myself for spring (one of the girls on my April '04 expecting board told me that Vera Bradley will be sad to lose me as a customer LOL! ).

It's Wednesday & the good news is that Hunter's car will be out of the shop today ---tomorrow at the latest! WOO HOO! I hate having to share cars as it's just a big hassle. Plus I miss my Taura-saurus! LOL

Picked up yarn on Saturday for my Tote Exchange partner. I found a pattern that I think she will like (it's one I've admired for a while too) & got a good deal on the yarn which is always a good thing! I'm going to start her bag after I finish Todd's socks & the baby blanket test pattern I'm doing for Cathy.

Yesterday I picked up some little knitting "goodies" for my TE partner as well as my dishcloth KAL exchange partner. Yesterday was a busy busy day----did the car swap w/ Hunter & dropped him off on post, got gas, went to the bank, Walmart, did the mystery shop I was assigned to, went to LYS & picked up more Brittany DPN's! as well as 2 skeins of Cascade 220 for MIL's bag (due for her b-day in June!). Came home, filled out paperwork for said Mystery shop, went back to post to pick up Hunter, stopped by the auto shop to find out when the Camry will be ready & then home to play outside w/ Bets & Libby. Went out to dinner (Mexican--yum), home to give Bets a bath & put her down at 730---she slept until 745 this am!

Today we have UFO group w/ MOMS. I found the idea for it on another MOMS website--it stand for UnFinished Objects & basically you can bring anything you're working on---scrapbook, knitting/crocheting, checkbook etc. Truth be told it was a desperate ploy on my part to bring my knitting to the events LOL!!

I'm adding the link to my Yahoo 360 page which is where I tend to blog the most often. Thought it would make life easier for the person who has me for the TE.;_ylt=AvmppWs_2ARUmo9NKIWvCxO5AOJ3

If for some reason it doesn't forward properly I'm on 360 under the name scarlett_begonia_2000

Friday, April 21, 2006

Tote Exchange is up & running!

These are the socks that I had made for my brother only to discover that my gauge was WAY off & that they will never fit him. So they are now going to be Mom's socks! LOL

Just got the email from Kim about my exchange partner! YAY!!! I'm excited that she's into just about anything (makes things SO much easier!) so I can start shopping my stash to see what colors to use & what pattern I'm going with.