Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye bye 2007~

Greetings from snowy white Vermont!! The Wee One & I drove to the ILS in VA on the 20th after her school party. We hit horrific traffic at Concord Mills in NC which kept us at a standstill for a good hour. We spent 2 nights w/ the ILS & then drove to VT on the 22nd. We set a new record---12 hours 45 minutes! The roads were nice & clear which helped tremendously.

We've had a wonderful time in VT & have had 2 snow storms, including the one today which has dumped at least 3" at my parents house. I shoveled! For the first time in at least 3 or so years! Tomorrow there may be an amusing story called "Laurie meets the snowblower". I'll be sure to arm Mom with a camera!

The Wee One & I are going to play in the snow after lunch & I will have pictures of that.

On the yarn front I have visited all my favorite yarn stores---Suzanne's (a hat pattern for hte wee one), Backstitches (size 6 dpn's) & Yarn Theory (2 skeins Koigu KPPPM) in VA & Kaleidoscope yarns (1 skein Koigu KPPPM) & NEFAC ( some pretty Noro sock yarn!) in VT. My scarf is about 75% done & I'm going to start my Clapotis for the 3rd time when it's done. I need to practice my P F & B as for some reason I cannot wrap my brain around it.

Here are some of my friends who still live in VT. We had a girls night out on Saturday at Sweetwater's in Burlington followed by a mini-pub crawl in a desperate attempt to find a place to watch the Pats game. From L to R--Heather, Brenda, me & wendi. I hadn't seen Wendi in almost 10 years so it was great that she showed up!
Hope everyone has a safe & happy 2008. I know I'll be happy to see 2007 end as it means we're that much closer to Hunter coming home!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


what is it about the holidays that they must be exhausting whether being home for them or travelling? Last year we were home & I swear, I had a list a mile & a half long everyday. Same this year. This week is by far the craziest. I sat down at 8 tonight & literally felt the weight of the day lifted.

My brothers socks have been frogged. No big deal, I'll start them again & they'll be a late Christmas present. I then started the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for the director of the Wee One's preschool only to realize that there was no way I'd get it done by Thurs. am. If I had a day where all I could do was knit maybe but not w/ my schedule. So I will keep it for me & got her a GC.

The Wee One & I made cookies today---she got to help put the sugar, flour, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt, nutmeg & sour cream into the bowl. She also had the honor of putting the sprinkles on the cookies! Now I'm debating whether to make chocolate dipped pretzels for the kids in her class as well. Because you know, cookies aren't enough! It's the holidays!! They (the nefarious "they") drum it into your head that no matter what you've made, bought, done it will NEVER be enough. There's a friend of mine who is still trying to find THE gift for her daughter (she's 3). She posts daily on our message board asking for ideas from people--what was their "WOW" gift for their wee ones, what are they getting their wee ones, what are the wee ones asking for. Because apparently what she's bought thus far isn't enough.

This year I am proud to say I didn't go overboard on the Wee One like last year. Honestly she's got so many toys & books & things that it borders on insane. THINGS are everywhere. Even toys she hasn't played with in a year are now going thru a resurgance in popularity. Her Little People house for example. She found it in her closet & somehow it made its way back into my living room! Never mind that she's got Dora's doll house AND castle & a small doll house for her little polly pocket dolls, now the Little People are threatening to invade again.

So here I sit, watching the Nutcracker on OvationTV (really, Ovation TV. I think I'm obligated to stand up at the end of the show, clap wildly & shout BRAVO. Oh wait, that's another network!). I had debated bringing the Wee One to the Nutcracker this year but decided Disney on Ice was more her speed. She'll be old enough to go to the ballet before too long & I hope she will have an appreciation of it. I remember being pregnant with her & putting headphones on my belly & one of the CD I played was the Nutcracker (it was Christmas obviously!) & she would kick & move during the Trepak & the Dance of the Mirliton. (The year my dance school did the Nutcracker my class' number was the Dance of the Mirlitons! ) She also loved Bobby McFerrin & YoYo Ma's version of Flight of the Butterfly.

So here ends my babble as Clara's dreaming & the Christmas tree is growing. Soon we'll see the Nutcracker Prince!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knitting? What's that?

I haven't picked up knitting needles in a week & I swear I can hear them crying in their needle rolls! I need to get to work on my brother's socks as they are part of his Christmas present!

Speaking of Christmas, I have 1 present left to buy---a gift card for my other brother & his wife. Woo Hoo!

One of my friends from Ravelry posted this on the Patriots forum. It is too funny!

In order to address the complaints and hurt feelings of the rest of the NFL, the commissioner has adopted 10 new "Special Rules" for all New England Patriots games. They take effect immediately, and are as follows:

1) In the course of an NFL game, if the Patriots go up by more than 31 points, they are not allowed to play offense until the opposing team draws to within one score. (Pats will kick-off after an opposing team's touchdown or FG). Once the team is within one score, the Pats offense may play, but Tom Brady may not, unless: the Pats play with 8 players (including Tom), or the Pats play with 9 players, but 1 player for the Patriots is chosen by the opposing team from the stands. No Patriots linebacker is allowed to play offense, unless that LB is inserted at quarterback. However, Mike Vrabel cannot be quart erback.

2) If an opposing player states "It's like were playing 7-on-5s" (7 offense, 5 defense during practice), such as indicated by Justin Smith, DE, Cincinnati Bengels 10/1/07, the Patriots must take a time out and serve ice cold lemonade or hot tea (weather dependent) to the opposing team. Scones are optional.

3) Once the 31 point rule is in effect, Patriots may challenge any play, but the opposing team gets veto power over the referee.

4) Once the Pats offense is allowed back onto the field (7 pts), for any forward pass the Pats QB must point to the receiver and call out his number BEFORE passing. If Tom Brady is quarterbacking at the time, he must do that, plus turn the opposing team's water cooler into wine BEFORE passing.

5) Belichick must diagram any Patriots play to the opposing defense and ensure they understand exactly how to disrupt the play. This all must be done within the play clock. If this process is not complete prior to the play clock expiring, the Patriots will be assessed a delay of game and double unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

6) Randy Moss must play with 10lb ankle weights on each ankle. An additional pound will be added for each TD this season.

7) Wes Welker is not allowed to have "that crazy look" in his eyes. 10 yd, "crazy eyes" penalty assessed.

8) Tom Brady must immediately stop dating supermodels as he will not be allowed to date anyone that is more attractive then the least attractive significant other of an opposing team member (including coaches). He also must start doing commercials for every product imaginable, especially ones where he chants "cut that meat!"or refers to himself "as a 6'5" quarterback with a laser-rocket arm".

9) Bill Belichick is n ot allowed to be within 100 yds of any infant, for fear that his evil supergenius powers would assimilate such a defenseless creature into the Patriots System. We have already seen this effect on an inordinate amount of chipmunks, squirrels, and 'possum that commit suicide while crossing Rte 1 to reach Gillette Stadium.

10) Patriots must respect all opposing players feelings and apologize for every first down. Touchdowns must be followed by a written a pology and a fruit basket presented with a hug.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And as I was talking to Hunter online

A knock came on the door & this was what the Fed Ex guy left.

And this is what was inside (the flowers, not the little girl!)

They're beautiful & as you can see the wee one loved smelling them. Of course, after she was done smelling she went "aaah aah aaah chooooooooooooooo"

5 years ago today

Hunter & I were married. He had just come home from 6 months in Kuwait & the threat of war in Iraq was looming. So much so that he was slated to return to Kuwait in less than a month's time. So off we went to the JP's office & at high noon we were married!
This picture was taken a week after we were married & is one of my favorites.
In the 5 years we've been married we've had 3 combat tours, a pregnancy & the subsequent birth of the Wee One, got Libby the wonder schnauzer (during the Invasion) & various other daily trials & tribulations & celebrations.
You know, I wouldn't change a thing!
I love you so much sweetie & am so very proud of you! I'm very lucky to have you as my husband!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

From Amanda Loo Poo Poo (haha)

Amanda posted 8 Gross things on her blog ( including her infamous nickname) so here are mine:

1) When the wee one was 2 weeks old Hunter had to go to the field for a week so at 4 am I woke up to nurse her. I discovered Libby had diarrhea & had pooped in the wee one's room so as I'm looking at the carpet & thinking "I've got to get this cleaned up" the wee one spit up all down my back. Nothing like looking at dog poop while regurgitated breast milk runs down your back at 4 am!

2) When the wee one was a few months old I had her in the stroller to go for a walk & had libby on the leash. Libby found something in the road that she started to eat so I pulled it out of her mouth, thinking it was a candy bar. Um no. Cat poop. I dont think I could have washed my hands enough after that.

3) I love LOVE drinking the olive juice from olive jars. Same w/ pickle juice. I have actually poured some into a glass & drank it before.

4) As a pet owner I have stepped in dog vomit & poop more times than I care to think about. Barefooted, of course.

5) The smell of skunk doesn't bother me.

6) I have eaten carpaccio & loved it. I also love sushi, especially fatty tuna, eel, roe & salmon. Octopus is tough & chewy.

7) Those of you who don't have kids will be mortified by this one but those of you who do will laugh & say "me too!" When I was pregnant w/ the wee one I had morning sickness into week 15 or so. Around week 7 I was in the bathroom saying goodbye to dinner when I hurled so violently that I wet myself.

8) Growing up in VT there were lots of dairy farms. We drove by several on our way to our camp when I was growing up. To this day, the smell of cow manure on a hot summer day reminds me of the drive to our camp.

Like Amanda I wont tag anyone for this but have fun with it!

On the knitting front, I'm making a pr of Men's Grey Socks (Lionbrand pattern) for my brother for Christmas. Our of the men in our family Todd is the only one who truly appreciates handknitted socks. My Memere used to knit them for all 22 grandkids each yr & Todd still has some of her socks. She died in '92 so you do the math! I just CO this morning so I've got a ways to go. I'm using some woolease from my stash (which is the same yarn Memere used) & will try to get another pr to him later this winter.