Tuesday, December 18, 2007


what is it about the holidays that they must be exhausting whether being home for them or travelling? Last year we were home & I swear, I had a list a mile & a half long everyday. Same this year. This week is by far the craziest. I sat down at 8 tonight & literally felt the weight of the day lifted.

My brothers socks have been frogged. No big deal, I'll start them again & they'll be a late Christmas present. I then started the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for the director of the Wee One's preschool only to realize that there was no way I'd get it done by Thurs. am. If I had a day where all I could do was knit maybe but not w/ my schedule. So I will keep it for me & got her a GC.

The Wee One & I made cookies today---she got to help put the sugar, flour, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt, nutmeg & sour cream into the bowl. She also had the honor of putting the sprinkles on the cookies! Now I'm debating whether to make chocolate dipped pretzels for the kids in her class as well. Because you know, cookies aren't enough! It's the holidays!! They (the nefarious "they") drum it into your head that no matter what you've made, bought, done it will NEVER be enough. There's a friend of mine who is still trying to find THE gift for her daughter (she's 3). She posts daily on our message board asking for ideas from people--what was their "WOW" gift for their wee ones, what are they getting their wee ones, what are the wee ones asking for. Because apparently what she's bought thus far isn't enough.

This year I am proud to say I didn't go overboard on the Wee One like last year. Honestly she's got so many toys & books & things that it borders on insane. THINGS are everywhere. Even toys she hasn't played with in a year are now going thru a resurgance in popularity. Her Little People house for example. She found it in her closet & somehow it made its way back into my living room! Never mind that she's got Dora's doll house AND castle & a small doll house for her little polly pocket dolls, now the Little People are threatening to invade again.

So here I sit, watching the Nutcracker on OvationTV (really, Ovation TV. I think I'm obligated to stand up at the end of the show, clap wildly & shout BRAVO. Oh wait, that's another network!). I had debated bringing the Wee One to the Nutcracker this year but decided Disney on Ice was more her speed. She'll be old enough to go to the ballet before too long & I hope she will have an appreciation of it. I remember being pregnant with her & putting headphones on my belly & one of the CD I played was the Nutcracker (it was Christmas obviously!) & she would kick & move during the Trepak & the Dance of the Mirliton. (The year my dance school did the Nutcracker my class' number was the Dance of the Mirlitons! ) She also loved Bobby McFerrin & YoYo Ma's version of Flight of the Butterfly.

So here ends my babble as Clara's dreaming & the Christmas tree is growing. Soon we'll see the Nutcracker Prince!


NH Knitting Mama said...

One thing we do here is keep a couple big tupperware storage tubs. When I see that there are toys that are not getting any play, I put them away and take out something that hasn't been out for a while. It keeps the toy selection fresh. Especially seeing as my son's b-day is 2 weeks after Christmas... with the amount of toys he has, I could never have them all out at once or there wouldn't be room for furniture!

Justshajam said...

I finally learned that "They" is a dangerous. I once stayed up all night to bake for kid 1 and 2 and then realized everyone else sent love by Chips Ahoy! Cookies are enough!

Crafty Canadian said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you and you family have a very happy new year.