Saturday, December 01, 2007

From Amanda Loo Poo Poo (haha)

Amanda posted 8 Gross things on her blog ( including her infamous nickname) so here are mine:

1) When the wee one was 2 weeks old Hunter had to go to the field for a week so at 4 am I woke up to nurse her. I discovered Libby had diarrhea & had pooped in the wee one's room so as I'm looking at the carpet & thinking "I've got to get this cleaned up" the wee one spit up all down my back. Nothing like looking at dog poop while regurgitated breast milk runs down your back at 4 am!

2) When the wee one was a few months old I had her in the stroller to go for a walk & had libby on the leash. Libby found something in the road that she started to eat so I pulled it out of her mouth, thinking it was a candy bar. Um no. Cat poop. I dont think I could have washed my hands enough after that.

3) I love LOVE drinking the olive juice from olive jars. Same w/ pickle juice. I have actually poured some into a glass & drank it before.

4) As a pet owner I have stepped in dog vomit & poop more times than I care to think about. Barefooted, of course.

5) The smell of skunk doesn't bother me.

6) I have eaten carpaccio & loved it. I also love sushi, especially fatty tuna, eel, roe & salmon. Octopus is tough & chewy.

7) Those of you who don't have kids will be mortified by this one but those of you who do will laugh & say "me too!" When I was pregnant w/ the wee one I had morning sickness into week 15 or so. Around week 7 I was in the bathroom saying goodbye to dinner when I hurled so violently that I wet myself.

8) Growing up in VT there were lots of dairy farms. We drove by several on our way to our camp when I was growing up. To this day, the smell of cow manure on a hot summer day reminds me of the drive to our camp.

Like Amanda I wont tag anyone for this but have fun with it!

On the knitting front, I'm making a pr of Men's Grey Socks (Lionbrand pattern) for my brother for Christmas. Our of the men in our family Todd is the only one who truly appreciates handknitted socks. My Memere used to knit them for all 22 grandkids each yr & Todd still has some of her socks. She died in '92 so you do the math! I just CO this morning so I've got a ways to go. I'm using some woolease from my stash (which is the same yarn Memere used) & will try to get another pr to him later this winter.


Kristyn said...

Don't feel so bad about #7 I've done that too. Let's just say food poisioning is not fun.

Ursula said...

I have read so many "gross things" posts that I might have to join in ...but my bf reads my blog. Embarrassing! Oh well, here goes!

Anne said...

LOL it cracks me up how many of us are posting this :o Well, that and the mass gross-ness in our lives haha

Psyched2Knit said...

Those are all doozies! I definitely can't top them! I could definitely relate to the dog vomit, though - what does that say about me?!