Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Pats-less Sunday

*sigh* No football for me today. Not much knitting this past week either---I'm still plugging along on the heel flap on my brother's sock & hopefully will get that done tomorrow before knitting group.

The Wee One is on the mend & tonight Daddy broke out his otoscope & looked in her ears & mouth & declared she is healed! Yesterday was her last day w/ the z-pak so now I'm crossing my fingers & hoping she doesn't get strep again for a good long time!

Yesterday was errand day--we went to post for gas (cheaper than in town), ran to the PX on a fruitless errand. I was looking for Keds for the Wee One, the Sims2 Freetime (don't judge) & a new lap desk for my laptop as my old one was leaking polystyrene beads. No to the Keds, no to the Sims2 Freetime & no to the lap desk. We went to Barnes & Noble for a couple books & much to my surprise, they had a lap desk! It's purple! Then to Red Robin for lunch (yum), Petco (where the pets go) for food for Libby. Only 2 of the dogs up for adoption stole my heart this time. Usually I have to talk myself out of adopting 2 or 3. One day. Groceries & then home.

Today I became one with the couch for a few hours & got to know my Sims2 Freetime game (thank you Walmart!). Is it wrong of me to admit to being bummed that knitting wasn't one of the hobbies?? Again, don't judge!

Tomorrow starts a new school/work week & tomorrow night is knitting group! YAY! I have come to look forward to Monday evenings just for those couple hours w/ like minded ladies. They're a great group & I am so glad I started going!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedsday wackiness

Or maybe not so wacky!

We've been lazy today as the Wee One is home from school with strep. Yesterday she woke up at 345 with a croup-sounding cough. I'm one of those people who is always researching heath stuff in books or on the 'net so after looking up coughs in our child's health book I determined it wasn't croup or whooping cough. She finally went back to sleep around 5 am after taking some tylenol cold medicine & I told her I was going back to sleep in my bed. Of course I couldn't fall back to sleep. She felt well enough to go to school but didn't want to participate at dance class. Hmmmm. So on the way home I asked what did she want for dinner---not hungry & neck (throat) hurts. Hunter & I looked in her mouth & at her throat & sure enough----red spots & pus pockets. Oh joy.

3 hours & an ER visit later we were on our way home & to bed w/ our z-pak.

Libby is at the groomers so short of dropping her off & picking her up, we're taking it easy today.

I'm still plugging away on my brother's socks. I'm working the heel flap on sock #1 & am hoping to have it done by this weekend. I have some other (read: more fun) projects that I want to work on!

The Red Sox are play off bound!!! How great is that?! I'll be able to watch the games as playoffs are always on national channels. WOO HOO!!!! And the *sniff sniff* (sk)Yankees are out. Out. OUT OUT OUT!! Muahahahahahahhaa.

Sorry, got away from myself there. Did you know the Yankees aren't advancing to the playoffs this year? I know!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooops! Forgot one!

My Harmonic Mosaic dish cloth! I found the pattern on Ravelry after Lacey (I think it was Lacey) added it to her queue.

This is a really easy dishcloth-very similar to the ball band cloth (obviously, right?!) & knits up quickly. I started it Friday evening after we got home from dinner & Barnes & Noble & was done yesterday during Rest Hour. I think I'm going to play w/ different color combos & make up a bunch for Christmas.

FO's & a lazy Sunday

Wow, time flies when you're knitting up storm!

The first is the ribbed baby hat for a friend's baby boy. I'm trying to work thru my stash of Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale. I love this yarn---it knits up quick, is soft & there are so many pretty colors!

This is the little jacket I made to go with the hat. It's knit in one piece, very similar to the MDK baby kimono & knits up quickly! Right now it's blocking & waiting for the button to be sewn on (I placed it on the sweater just for the picture)

Next we have the little booties--BEYOND quick! I had them done in an hour & a half! I need to figure out what ribbon to put thru the teeny eyelits.

And last, but not least, my Jayne Hat. I was in Atlanta over part of Labor Day weekend with 2 friends who were at Dragon Con. We saw lots of these hats & Lisa asked if I could make one for her. Of course, I said yes & had it done in a day. I'm waiting to see how cute it looks on her!
Today we're being lazy---Hunter got up with the Wee One when she woke up at 8 & let me sleep in until 930! They had cinnamon buns for breakfast so I fixed myself Eggs Benedict when I got up. Hmmmm, hollendaise, bacon---what's not to love?? I'm working on my brother's socks & actually need to do a load of laundry. The Patriots game isn't on tv here so I'll be Pats-less today. *sigh* Oh well.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank you, LeslieJ!!

The ever wonderful LeslieJ sent me this cute sock yarn (for the Wee One) & some crazy Detroit Tiger stitch markers for my birthday.

Detroit? Tigers?? Poor misguided Leslie! (HA!) I tease her about her bad taste in sports teams but I have to admit---her Red Wings are a team I could get behind. Original 6, come on!

Thanks Leslie! I loved the card, stitchmarkers & the yarn is so soft!! I can't wait to work with it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Giving thanks

The past couple days I've been subbing at the Wee One's school in one of the 2 yr old classrooms. I didn't volunteer last year b/c I felt like my only real free time was while she was in school. This year, I felt guilty & put my name in the sub. pool.

So yeah, the last 2 days it was me, the teacher (very nice lady) & the kids. Yesterday there were 6 out of the 8, today there were 7.

It's only been 2 years since I was the mother of a 2 yr old but I swear, you forget all the aspects of 2 year olds. Maybe it's so we'll have more children but oh boy! I came home SO tired yesterday! 1500 mg of Tylenol & a diet coke later, I felt like myself again.

So the whole giving thanks thing. . .

One of the little boys in the class has a speech disorder based on the muscles in his jaw not being properly developed. He is adorable, has a sweet disposition & was just a great kid. Today he was so well behaved that I told him what a good boy he was doing. I was rewarded w/ a great big smile.

One of the girls was deprived of oxygen at birth & has the gross motor skills of a 15 month old. She doesn't really respond to her name, doesn't talk, doesn't interact w/ the other children. She is very curious about her environment & seems happy.

And I complain about my child??

The other area where I've been thankful lately is with my health.

I had my annual mammogram in April. Due to someone's error at MACH I didn't get my results for a month when one of the techs called asking if I could go in the following day b/c they saw "something" on the mammo.

I was scared. It was a long night & longer morning while I was waiting for my appointment. I had another mammo & then a breast u/s. Let me tell you that they're much more fun when you're having an u/s during pregnancy!

My primary care doctor called a few days later letting me know that I would being to be referred off post for an MRI. Again, more mismanagement of paperwork, many frustrating phone calls on my part & a call to Tricare later I had my appointment at the civilian hospital for the MRI.

Maybe it's me, but hospital waiting rooms always seem to have the strangest cast of characters. Since I'm trying to be a good person I'll save the descriptions for another time.

Because I'm diabetic, I had to have bloodwork done prior to the contrast media (for the MRI) to make sure my kidney function is normal. Why they wouldn't take my word is beyond me but again, thankful! I managed to pass out during the IV. In a hospital johnnie. At least I managed to stay sitting up in the chair.

The MRI results took a week to get back to me & I am, say it with me, thankful that they came back normal & I'm good for another year when I'll have my next mammo.

It was a long summer waiting & wondering. And yeah, lots of worrying. I didn't blog about it because while I enjoy a good whine, it seemed like it was consuming me. I was worried about all the what if's----what would my course of treatment be, who would watch the Wee One? What if things got really bad?

I feel as though I've dodged a bullet & feel so lucky. Other women haven't been as lucky as I have.

If you are of a certain age or have a family history of breast cancer, please make sure you have annual mammograms. You owe it to yourself, as well as those who love you.

*steps off soapbox*

On the knitting front, I am (thankful) working on a ribbed baby jacket which is done in one piece, similar to the MDK baby kimono. I'm using my bff Plymouth fantasy naturale & the new love of my life---Knit Picks harmony needles. My Crystal Palace straights are jealous.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ballerina girl

The Wee One started dance lessons last week. Here she is showing her mad dance moves before we left for her class.

And yes, I think I was more excited about this than she was!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fun little meme

From my friend Alida. . .

10 Years Ago:

Sept. '08. I was working for Origins at Fanueil Hall in Boston & realizing I had made a YOOOOGE mistake leaving Lauder for them . I was also unhappily married to my first husband & had contemplated leaving him in June of that year.

5 Years Ago:

Sept. '03. I was almost 3 months pregnant with the Wee One. I was working for Lancome as a makeup artist & was happy with my life.

5 Months Ago:

April '08. The Wee One turned 4, we went to VA to see the ILS for Spring Break & were looking forward to Hunter's homecoming from OIF5!

5 Things on My To-Do List Tomorrow:-

1) Grocery shopping
2) knitting
3) laundry
4) b-day party for a friend of the Wee One's from school
5) get in bed at a decent hour!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1) I love drinking pickle juice (and olive juice) from the jar.
2) I have an unnatural love for prosciutto.
3) I broke the ankle of my own goalie playing field hockey in hs.
4) I rented The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mysteries from Netflix
5) I CANNOT crochet to save my life, despite taking a class a couple years ago. The teacher proclaimed I was knitting w/ a crochet hook.

5 Bad Habits:

1) I can rationalize just about anything, especially a purchase.
2) I can be very judgemental.
3) I spend too much time on my computer
4) I am my own worst critic.
5) I don't discouage George Clooney when he tells me that one day we'll be together.

5 Places I've Lived:

1) Winooski, VT
2) Long Beach, CA
3) Portland, ME
4) Boston, MA
5) Columbus, GA

Im not tagging anyone but feel free to play along!