Friday, July 28, 2006

Stitchmarkers for my DIshclothKAL partner

Got my partner for my dishcloth exchange yesterday. She likes purple (girl after my own heart!) so I thought I'd make her some purple stitchmarkers as little "extras" in her "puffy"

I'm disappointed---I started a 9 square dishcloth (from MDK) & my mitred square is Sooooooooooooo loooooooooooooong. Not sure if I need to switch to smaller needles or what but the one that is 3/4 done for my partner is going to be used as a washcloth for the dog! I'm going to make her another dishcloth (probably the dragonfly) & add some vanilla soap (one of her favorite scents) to her puffy & call it good.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fixated on Fixation

This my first pair of socks using Cascade Fixation (Bulky) & I am kicking myself for not using it before! It's really soft & the socks feel almost like those gel socks you buy in the stores for an outragous sum of money. These are for MIL for Christmas.

I'm doing better & am coughing up less ooky stuff. I wasted 2 hours on Sunday afternoon at the ER on post. They were so understaffed & so overwhelmed with patients that there was a 4 hour waiting period. I put my knitting (Mason-Dixon baby bib) away & took off my bracelet & left. When I was seen initially the nurse told me my lungs were clear & that the congestiong & sputum was probably from an upper respiratory thing. So I'm taking my Robitussin & drinking lots of fluids & it seems to be working.

Took Libby to the vet yesterday to have them check out her tail (which she's been gnawing at for a couple days) only to discover that her tail isn't the issue---she's got a worm! UGH! So 3 tests, 3 shots (she was also due for her yearly shots), 1 hour & 118$ later we leave. She also got microchipped which is something I've been on the fence about doing. She's such a good little dog----didn't cry or anything with her shots or the chipping.

Tonight is MOMS Night out & we're going to the movies. Mmmmmmm popcorn! The vote was to see "You, Me & Dupree" but I really want to see Clerks II. Maybe I can con someone into seeing it with me!

Off to start laundry & see if it's pool weather this morning. The wiggly one hasn't been swimming in over a week (since the Sunday before Hunter's surgery). I know she'll be thrilled to go & if we swim before lunch she'll be good & tired for her nap!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What a difference a day makes. . .

The benefits to being sick are amazing! You actually have to sit quietly & rest, which for me, means knitting.

Todd's socks are done. Do I dare spoil him with a 3rd pair? Perhaps I'll pick up a couple more skeins of black sock yarn the next time I go to Darlene's & surprise him. The black yarn I have is already spoken for ---Hunter!

Speaking of the patient---he's sound asleep thanks to percocet & 800 mg motrin. He's going to get up in a little while for lunch & then back down for his afternoon nap.

Betsy has been SUCH a good girl this morning. We've read 8 books & had a tea party & she's been great keeping herself entertained. She's into playing dress up---loves to put on her hat, sunglasses, my shoes & grabs her purse & walks around. Maybe she needs some girly princess dress up stuff too

I have an FRG meeting tonight that I'm going to have to back out of since I'm still coughing a good bit (although less than yesterday). We have a social next week that I'm planning on going to. Should be interesting as we're supposed to get a new CO commander (our old Rear D commander from OIF1 who ROCKS!!!!) so I'm assuming this social is Mrs. W's way of saying good bye & letting us know that Mrs. D (who is a doll & busy as all get out w/ their gazillion kids!) will be taking over. But it's the Army so who knows!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What a week (and it's not even over yet!)

I will be so glad when this week is over!

We were up early yesterday (Tues) to get ready for Hunter's oral surgery (4 wisdom teeth) . I was watching him like a hawk last night & this morning to make sure he didn't eat anything b/c if he did & this got bumped back another month I was going to send him w/ a friend to the hospital!

So we get up early, shower, get Bets up & fed & dressed & off to Josie's to play w/ Madison while we were at the hospital.

I worked on the 2nd pr of socks for my brother for Christmas (my Memere's pattern) while I was in the waiting room & at the pharmacy. 3 ladies in the pharmacy waitinig area commented on them & told me about the socks they made back in the day. Knitters are a funny bunch!

Got the "patient" & stopped by the unit to drop off his quarters form & then a quick trip to the commissary for some drinkable yogurt. Got to Josie's where we discovered a very tired Josie, Bets & Madison! Apparantly Bets thought she'd impress everyone w/ her climbing skills. Josie was impressed & I'm sure Madison took notes LOL.

Came home & put Hunter to bed w/ a percocet. Bets & I had lunch, read some stories while she was on the potty & then she went down for her nap around 145. I got my knitting assignment done for my dishcloth KAL & then worked on Todd's sock.

Slept okay last night---I have a horrible cough & Hunter's of the opinion that it's either pneumonia or bronchitis. Lovely. So I'm all hepped up on Robitussin in hopes that it's just a cold & that it'll go away. Meanwhile I'm hacking up a lung at regular intervals throughout the night.

Got sock #1 finished this morning & CO it's mate this afternoon while Hunter & Bets were napping. It's being knitted on size 7 Brittany birch DPN's (which tie for my favorites along w/ my Crystal Palace dpn's) & Lion Brand Wool Ease that my Aunt gave me back in Feb when she destashed.

The pattern (as well as yarn) is the same one my Memere used to make socks for all 22 of us grandkids as well as her 6 children & 6 sons & daughter in law. Growing up they were the socks we wore in our winter boots in provide extra warmth in cold Vermont winters. We wore them in our ice & figure skates & we wore them on chilly nights at home. To this day I have several pairs tucked away as momentos of my childhood & my talented Memere. In addition to her perfect socks she also made us mittens---I never had store bought mittens until I was in high school & wanted a leather pair similar to my brother's girlfriend. They were no where near as warm as my "Memere mittens".

Maybe next year I'll start working on mittens

Thursday, July 13, 2006


These are the socks for my brother Todd. I found some Wool-Ease on clearance at Hobby Lobby (the charcoal) & used that combined w/ some Wool-Ease that my aunt had given me from her stash (the cream color) . 1 pr done for Todd, 1 to go.

I'll either CO Mom's bag this afternoon or work on my Dublin Bay socks, if I'm not "socked" out.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey! I'm not a Brady!

LOL! I have to admit I'm addicted to some of the trash TV on VH-1. Such as, I love the 70's, Volume II. Is it wrong that I still think Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) is cute??!!

Knitting & MOMS have kept me busy this past week. I finished Mom's socks & have finished 1 of Todd's socks (sock #2 has been CO & I'm working on the cuff). I've got 13 dish cloths & scrubbies done (will probably do 3 more) & need to start on Mom's fall bag. She's commented several times that she liked the color of my Booga bag (Noro Kureyon #139) so I'm planning on making her a bag in that colorway but what pattern??? Her first bag is a booga style, her 2nd is a variation of the Booga & *sigh* what to do for the 3rd???

I'm waiting for the signed copy of Mason Dixon Knitting I won on Ebay to get here. I've already made 4 of the ball band "warshrag" & have memorized the pattern LOL.

I found the pattern to the "fake-a-gamo" bag & will make that at some point, possibly in red for me for fall. The story behind it is this: Ferragamo had a bag in their spring line that was supposedly crocheted. Anyone who crochets or knits or both could look at it & see that the stitches were knit, not hooked. Several talented gals on craftster figured how to recreate the bag & let me tell you they did an amazing job! I swear, so many bags, so little time!

The new Executive Board took over on July 1st & this past Monday was our first official meeting. We had a fun general meeting & then followed w/ the Exec. Bd meeting so that we could take advantage of Kristine's expertise before she went on vacation. Our treasurer is in the hospital w/ Crohn's Disease (she thought she was going in for an outpatient procedure & wound up staying for a week!) so dealing with our yearly budget was tricky. We've got 3 parties planned (or $$ alloted for them) for fall, Christmas & Spring. Our old Secretary Kris will be the party planner (big thank you!!!) & I know she'll do a great job.

Betsy continues to be fearless in the pool & is getting better each & every day! She's so much fun & we're really blessed to have such a sweet girl. Last night we were reading Snuggle Puppy before bed & all of a sudden she jumped down from the couch & went down the hall to her room & said "nigh nigh!" Got into bed w/ Jake (her stuffed dog & best bud) & Baby Maggie & conked out until 730 thismorning. Then took a 2 hr nap this afternoon. She is so great.

Tomorrow we're going to run some errands in the morning & then home for lunch & our nap.