Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What a week (and it's not even over yet!)

I will be so glad when this week is over!

We were up early yesterday (Tues) to get ready for Hunter's oral surgery (4 wisdom teeth) . I was watching him like a hawk last night & this morning to make sure he didn't eat anything b/c if he did & this got bumped back another month I was going to send him w/ a friend to the hospital!

So we get up early, shower, get Bets up & fed & dressed & off to Josie's to play w/ Madison while we were at the hospital.

I worked on the 2nd pr of socks for my brother for Christmas (my Memere's pattern) while I was in the waiting room & at the pharmacy. 3 ladies in the pharmacy waitinig area commented on them & told me about the socks they made back in the day. Knitters are a funny bunch!

Got the "patient" & stopped by the unit to drop off his quarters form & then a quick trip to the commissary for some drinkable yogurt. Got to Josie's where we discovered a very tired Josie, Bets & Madison! Apparantly Bets thought she'd impress everyone w/ her climbing skills. Josie was impressed & I'm sure Madison took notes LOL.

Came home & put Hunter to bed w/ a percocet. Bets & I had lunch, read some stories while she was on the potty & then she went down for her nap around 145. I got my knitting assignment done for my dishcloth KAL & then worked on Todd's sock.

Slept okay last night---I have a horrible cough & Hunter's of the opinion that it's either pneumonia or bronchitis. Lovely. So I'm all hepped up on Robitussin in hopes that it's just a cold & that it'll go away. Meanwhile I'm hacking up a lung at regular intervals throughout the night.

Got sock #1 finished this morning & CO it's mate this afternoon while Hunter & Bets were napping. It's being knitted on size 7 Brittany birch DPN's (which tie for my favorites along w/ my Crystal Palace dpn's) & Lion Brand Wool Ease that my Aunt gave me back in Feb when she destashed.

The pattern (as well as yarn) is the same one my Memere used to make socks for all 22 of us grandkids as well as her 6 children & 6 sons & daughter in law. Growing up they were the socks we wore in our winter boots in provide extra warmth in cold Vermont winters. We wore them in our ice & figure skates & we wore them on chilly nights at home. To this day I have several pairs tucked away as momentos of my childhood & my talented Memere. In addition to her perfect socks she also made us mittens---I never had store bought mittens until I was in high school & wanted a leather pair similar to my brother's girlfriend. They were no where near as warm as my "Memere mittens".

Maybe next year I'll start working on mittens

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