Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fixated on Fixation

This my first pair of socks using Cascade Fixation (Bulky) & I am kicking myself for not using it before! It's really soft & the socks feel almost like those gel socks you buy in the stores for an outragous sum of money. These are for MIL for Christmas.

I'm doing better & am coughing up less ooky stuff. I wasted 2 hours on Sunday afternoon at the ER on post. They were so understaffed & so overwhelmed with patients that there was a 4 hour waiting period. I put my knitting (Mason-Dixon baby bib) away & took off my bracelet & left. When I was seen initially the nurse told me my lungs were clear & that the congestiong & sputum was probably from an upper respiratory thing. So I'm taking my Robitussin & drinking lots of fluids & it seems to be working.

Took Libby to the vet yesterday to have them check out her tail (which she's been gnawing at for a couple days) only to discover that her tail isn't the issue---she's got a worm! UGH! So 3 tests, 3 shots (she was also due for her yearly shots), 1 hour & 118$ later we leave. She also got microchipped which is something I've been on the fence about doing. She's such a good little dog----didn't cry or anything with her shots or the chipping.

Tonight is MOMS Night out & we're going to the movies. Mmmmmmm popcorn! The vote was to see "You, Me & Dupree" but I really want to see Clerks II. Maybe I can con someone into seeing it with me!

Off to start laundry & see if it's pool weather this morning. The wiggly one hasn't been swimming in over a week (since the Sunday before Hunter's surgery). I know she'll be thrilled to go & if we swim before lunch she'll be good & tired for her nap!!!

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