Thursday, July 20, 2006

What a difference a day makes. . .

The benefits to being sick are amazing! You actually have to sit quietly & rest, which for me, means knitting.

Todd's socks are done. Do I dare spoil him with a 3rd pair? Perhaps I'll pick up a couple more skeins of black sock yarn the next time I go to Darlene's & surprise him. The black yarn I have is already spoken for ---Hunter!

Speaking of the patient---he's sound asleep thanks to percocet & 800 mg motrin. He's going to get up in a little while for lunch & then back down for his afternoon nap.

Betsy has been SUCH a good girl this morning. We've read 8 books & had a tea party & she's been great keeping herself entertained. She's into playing dress up---loves to put on her hat, sunglasses, my shoes & grabs her purse & walks around. Maybe she needs some girly princess dress up stuff too

I have an FRG meeting tonight that I'm going to have to back out of since I'm still coughing a good bit (although less than yesterday). We have a social next week that I'm planning on going to. Should be interesting as we're supposed to get a new CO commander (our old Rear D commander from OIF1 who ROCKS!!!!) so I'm assuming this social is Mrs. W's way of saying good bye & letting us know that Mrs. D (who is a doll & busy as all get out w/ their gazillion kids!) will be taking over. But it's the Army so who knows!!

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alliesw said...

I understand--nothing like curling up in bed with a vaporizer and some knitting needles in hand. Hope you're feeling better, though!