Friday, July 28, 2006

Stitchmarkers for my DIshclothKAL partner

Got my partner for my dishcloth exchange yesterday. She likes purple (girl after my own heart!) so I thought I'd make her some purple stitchmarkers as little "extras" in her "puffy"

I'm disappointed---I started a 9 square dishcloth (from MDK) & my mitred square is Sooooooooooooo loooooooooooooong. Not sure if I need to switch to smaller needles or what but the one that is 3/4 done for my partner is going to be used as a washcloth for the dog! I'm going to make her another dishcloth (probably the dragonfly) & add some vanilla soap (one of her favorite scents) to her puffy & call it good.


trek said...

I love your stitch markers! I just finished a pair for my Secret Pal, too.

Little People ROCK!

lauriec said...


We're especially fond of Sonya Lee & Maggie but Eddie (and his frog Freddie) & Michael are riding a close 2nd!