Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Anklets & a good parking space means trouble

Got my anklets done for my Cascade Fixation KAL & have put them away for Christmas for MIL. I also got my Mom's fall bag felted this weekend & now need to go shopping for a strap & hardware for it. I'm going to try the pleather (plastic + leather = pleather) straps I'm seeing advertised. They have them at Hobby Lobby & Hancock Fabrics so I'll have to run out to either store & pick up a purple strap.

Yesterday I mailed out my Dishcloth Exchange partner's "puffy" ---I hope she likes it! I made her a purple spacloth w/ a dragonfly on it & added a brown sugar/vanilla soap (she loves vanilla) & the purple stitchmarkers I made. I can't wait to see what my partner made me!!!

So back to my good parking space. . .yesterday I went to the commissary to do our big monthly shopping. Hunter said he'd watch Bets while I was there if I dropped her off at his office---win win situation right? I get to shop childfree & he gets to spend lunch hour w/ his daughter. Sounded good to me.

So I race off Kelley hill to the commissary & get a space almost in the 1st row! And oddly enough, the parking lot's not that full. You'd think that I'd realize this means trouble but no, not me, not the optimistic side of me anyway. . .

I get into the commissary only to discover that their computers are DOWN & have been down since 730 that morning (it's now 1215pm). Fortunately by the time I was ready to check out (1250 pm) they were back up & running. I raced back up to the Hill, got Bets & was home by 130 to get her down at 2 for her nap. My nap came from 330 until 4 LOL!

Today we hosted playgroup & had a pool party. Bets was wiped out & had a good 2 1/2 hr nap afterwhich we took the ziti I made out to Michelle (my friend from MOMS who was just diagnosed w/ Crohn's) & them home for pizza w/ Hunter. We took a walk after dinner to see the ducks & now the wee one's in the bath & I'm thinking about getting in bed after I do my day 2 of my Monthly Dishcloth KAL assignment & CO my 2nd pr of Cascade Fixation Anklets.


Allison said...

Oh I'd love to see that dishcloth with the dragonfly. Also what is the pattern for those socks - I have never made socks - partly because I either never wear socks or just wear anklet ones - now you may have hooked me on something . . .

Katty_katwoman said...

Your anklets are BEAUTIFUL. Could you share your pattern or lead me to the cascade kal so I can join? I've just started socks and LOVE them.

lauriec said...

katty---here's the link to the KAL.

The pattern is really the "un"pattern. I CO 44 stitches on size 4 needles w/ CF bulky. I did 2x2 ribbing for app. 1" & then worked the sock (heel flap, turned heel, gusset decreses, foot & toe decreases). The best "pattern" advice would be the Lion Brand magic stripes pattern (except for the fact that these are anklets).

Allison---socks are majorly addictive!!! You'll love them!! scroll down to see the cloth!!