Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a week!

Where to even begin?

The wiggly one started school this week. She's having a blast & we're already noticing a change in her normally good behavior! She's listening better & sitting better for meals! Woo Hoo!! Here she is on her first day--disney princess backpack, little people & all! She's also eating goldfish for snacktime---something she would never do at home!

I managed to get 2 "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono"'s done this week. One is for Tara & Sal's daughter & the other is a gal at MOMS whose son is due in Oct. I'm trying to decide whether to make bibs or washcloths for her (him really). She's new to our group but very sweet. She fits in with our group very well! Maybe I'll do washcloths. AC Moore has millendsI'm going to make some drawstring pants to match the kimono for Tara & Sal's little girl as she'll be born up in NY & it's chilly there.

FIL came to visit this week for a couple days---it was nice having him here. He hadn't been down to visit since the 1st time Hunter went to Kuwait in '02. Now that he's retired (closed their stores) he's got more leisure time. Hunter took him on post & showed him around. He also got to go into one of the Bradleys in the motorpool which he thought was great. Bets was happy to have someone else to read to her & took full advantage of having Pa-Pa when it came time to bedtime stories!

Hunter grilled a Boston Butt which came out fantastic! He started the coals at 10 am & by 5 it was done to perfection. Some double fork shredding action followed & we had the yummiest supper!

The bummer about this week is that Bets is allergic to something. We haven't given her anything new or different but apparantly something is causing her rash. She's got atarax to take 3x a day to help with itching while we change her detergent to Dreft (why can't they recommend Baby Purex which is soooooo much cheaper?) & her body wash to Dove. I really don't want to have to take her to an allergist or dermatologist for the scratch test so hopefully it's the detergent. We'd switched a few weeks ago to All Free/Clear which you think wouldn't cause a reaction but who knows.

Today's project: finishing my Cascade Fixation Anklet & getting some yarn I sold on KR boxed up.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!!!


Sarah said...

If you do find a pattern for drawstring pants that go with the Kimono, I would love a copy, I have a little one coming in October and would love to have the option to make some pants too. Thank you.

PS The Kimono's are super cute and so is your munchkin!!!

lauriec said...

Will do! Right now I'm thinking about pulling out pants she wore as a newborn as "inspiration" & seeing where it leads me. I figure if I CO 40 stitches, knit enough to go down to the crotch & then split my stitches in 1/2---20 on a stitch holder & knit the rest throwing in decreases where needed that it might work.

When I get a front & back piece done I can stitch them together & then roll the top down for the drawstring.

Does that even sound like it could work??