Thursday, August 10, 2006

More shameless bragging!

Hunter got called out of the Combat Lifesaver class he was teaching on Friday to go down to the Battalion office where the Brigade CO & all the BTN CO's were having a meeting. He (and 3 of his friends) get down there to find out they're receiving Army Commendation Medals for saving the life of a guy in their unit last month. He's a 35 yr old man who suffered a heart attack during PT. Hunter & the 3 other medics fell out of their run, sprang into action & did what they do best. They got his heart going again & kept him stable until he could be transported to the hospital.

In addition to their ARCOM they also received a division coin which was nice. I am SO proud of him. This is the 2nd soldier whose live he saved in a non-combat situation (the other was a guy when they were at NTC in '04---they diagnosed him w/ appendicitis & got him to the hospital at Ft Irwin (they were in the "box" at the time) in time for the doctors there to operate.) I'm not even going to talk about all the soldiers & Iraqis he treated during OIF1 & OIF3.

Way to go sweetie! I am so proud of you!!


babette said...

Congrats!!! My nephew, who I am very close with, is career Navy. I deeply appreicate any and all that our armed services do for us and for must be so very proud! Way to go!

lauriec said...

TY!! Tell your nephew I say thank you to him (and his family) for his commitment to his country & the sacrifices he & his family make on a daily basis! I understand them all too well!

And yes, I am very proud!!! :D

Gatorfan01 said...

Tell your husband congratulations on his ARCOM. That's something to be extremely proud of.

My brother is retired Army (retired at Ft. Benning) and my son is a Marine. He just got home in May from his/our first tour.

Love the package for your MDK swap pal. Thanks for the ideas.