Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!

Happy Birthday to the best husband I could ever have! I love you more than you know & am so proud to be your wife!!!

Can I just add that it's so nice to have my birthday boy home to celebrate instead of in Ramadi dodging IED's?!!

I tucked a card into his uniform jacket last night so he'd find it this morning when he was dressing. Bets & I are going to join him for lunch today & bring him some chocolate chip cookies & tonight we'll have cake. I STILL need to find one more piece to his present. *sigh*

Did I mention that this wonderful man & birthday boy went to JAG for me yesterday so I wouldn't have to deal w/waiting w/ the wee one? Yep. He did that. Got the form so we dont have to pay the Ad Valoreum tax & also updated my POA (which expired last month). I know he doesn't deploy for a year but I still like to have one. I think I'm just so used to him being gone & having POA that I HAVE to have the form all the time.

I made pumpkin bread yesterday----yum! Tonight we're having a chicken dish (almost like enchiladas) that I saw on Paula Deen. Looks yummy & looked insanely easy so we'll give it a shot.

I'm off to take the dog out, get my cookie dough into the oven & get ready to drop Libby off at the groomers & go to the Tag office before lunch w/ my wonderful birthday boy!

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