Monday, August 14, 2006

Woo Hoo! Puffy arrived today!

This came in the mail today---a gorgeous blue dishcloth & some pretty blue stitch markers from my exchange partner!

I love doing exchanges because there is something about making an item for someone you've never met, be it a dish cloth or purse. It's exciting to be doing something nice for a stranger & to put so much thought into their "puffy". One of my favorite items ever received was a dish scrubby my last dishcloth exchange partner made. I loved it so much that I started making them myself---both to keep & as gifts to go along w/ dishcloths. I've found that I like them better than store bought ones as they're less abrasive on my Calphalon!


Kristyn said...

What a great package. You should definetly make bookmarks. They don't take any longer than a dishcloth. The only problem I had was that at first knitting with the crochet thread on size 2s was like knitting with dental floss and toothpicks. After I got used to it though it was a breeze!

lauriec said...

I definitely go through that period of adjustment when I switch projects. I've been doing ball band cloths for a few days & when I went back to my daughter's socks (on size 2's) I was like "whaaa?!!!" It does seem like you're working w/ toothpicks!

Maybe one of these days I'll pick up some crochet cotton & give bookmarks a try!