Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dishcloth madness

Or ball band madness, more specifically. Got these done between last Friday & today (you can see the blue & green in the upper right hand corner needs to have the ends woven in)

I'm starting a purple & yellow one tonight & going onto a purple kick.

Less than 1 week until the wiggly one starts school---Ack!!!


Kish said...

Wow, you are really going to town on those. I have seen some ideas for bath scrubbies and washclothes that I am debating making. Looking at these have encouraged me even more to try. Nice work on yours!

Mason Dixon SwapCloth said...

Hi Laurie!
I realized why you're not receiving your pal info for the masondiscon dishcloth swap... I've recorded your email address wrong somehow and it keeps bouncing back ot me. Can you email us at the blog email, so I can respond to you with the info, that way I know I have the right address? I'm so terribly sorry for this inconvenience!!!!!


trek said...

Hey there lauriec!
Go ahead send some Peach Pie - I'll send you some Taylor Ham and decent pizza!

lauriec said...

Trek---just send me snow & we'll call it even! I miss having 4 real seasons!

Tracey---got your email this am---TY!!!

Kish--they're beyond simple--I can get one of these done in 2 hours! They're great little gift items to have on hand!