Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedsday wackiness

Or maybe not so wacky!

We've been lazy today as the Wee One is home from school with strep. Yesterday she woke up at 345 with a croup-sounding cough. I'm one of those people who is always researching heath stuff in books or on the 'net so after looking up coughs in our child's health book I determined it wasn't croup or whooping cough. She finally went back to sleep around 5 am after taking some tylenol cold medicine & I told her I was going back to sleep in my bed. Of course I couldn't fall back to sleep. She felt well enough to go to school but didn't want to participate at dance class. Hmmmm. So on the way home I asked what did she want for dinner---not hungry & neck (throat) hurts. Hunter & I looked in her mouth & at her throat & sure enough----red spots & pus pockets. Oh joy.

3 hours & an ER visit later we were on our way home & to bed w/ our z-pak.

Libby is at the groomers so short of dropping her off & picking her up, we're taking it easy today.

I'm still plugging away on my brother's socks. I'm working the heel flap on sock #1 & am hoping to have it done by this weekend. I have some other (read: more fun) projects that I want to work on!

The Red Sox are play off bound!!! How great is that?! I'll be able to watch the games as playoffs are always on national channels. WOO HOO!!!! And the *sniff sniff* (sk)Yankees are out. Out. OUT OUT OUT!! Muahahahahahahhaa.

Sorry, got away from myself there. Did you know the Yankees aren't advancing to the playoffs this year? I know!!


Dorothy said...

I was AT the game last night!!!! We're very excited around here.

Poor Wee One - I hope she feels better soon!

Emily (iknit) said...

Oh, poor wee one. That sounds ucky.

jopal said...

I hope the wee one is feeling better soon!
Yeah Sox!
Poor Yankees - hehehehe

lauriec said...

1) Dorothy---I hate you (a little)---what a great game to be at!

2) Thanks Em--ive decided strep is to the 4 yr old (and up) as ear infections are to the 3 & under crowd.

3) JoAnn--Yeah, boo hoo hoo (Sk)Yankees. BTW, I loved your joke (okay, Jane's) about a Yankee Stadium dog vs a Fenway Frank!