Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Giving thanks

The past couple days I've been subbing at the Wee One's school in one of the 2 yr old classrooms. I didn't volunteer last year b/c I felt like my only real free time was while she was in school. This year, I felt guilty & put my name in the sub. pool.

So yeah, the last 2 days it was me, the teacher (very nice lady) & the kids. Yesterday there were 6 out of the 8, today there were 7.

It's only been 2 years since I was the mother of a 2 yr old but I swear, you forget all the aspects of 2 year olds. Maybe it's so we'll have more children but oh boy! I came home SO tired yesterday! 1500 mg of Tylenol & a diet coke later, I felt like myself again.

So the whole giving thanks thing. . .

One of the little boys in the class has a speech disorder based on the muscles in his jaw not being properly developed. He is adorable, has a sweet disposition & was just a great kid. Today he was so well behaved that I told him what a good boy he was doing. I was rewarded w/ a great big smile.

One of the girls was deprived of oxygen at birth & has the gross motor skills of a 15 month old. She doesn't really respond to her name, doesn't talk, doesn't interact w/ the other children. She is very curious about her environment & seems happy.

And I complain about my child??

The other area where I've been thankful lately is with my health.

I had my annual mammogram in April. Due to someone's error at MACH I didn't get my results for a month when one of the techs called asking if I could go in the following day b/c they saw "something" on the mammo.

I was scared. It was a long night & longer morning while I was waiting for my appointment. I had another mammo & then a breast u/s. Let me tell you that they're much more fun when you're having an u/s during pregnancy!

My primary care doctor called a few days later letting me know that I would being to be referred off post for an MRI. Again, more mismanagement of paperwork, many frustrating phone calls on my part & a call to Tricare later I had my appointment at the civilian hospital for the MRI.

Maybe it's me, but hospital waiting rooms always seem to have the strangest cast of characters. Since I'm trying to be a good person I'll save the descriptions for another time.

Because I'm diabetic, I had to have bloodwork done prior to the contrast media (for the MRI) to make sure my kidney function is normal. Why they wouldn't take my word is beyond me but again, thankful! I managed to pass out during the IV. In a hospital johnnie. At least I managed to stay sitting up in the chair.

The MRI results took a week to get back to me & I am, say it with me, thankful that they came back normal & I'm good for another year when I'll have my next mammo.

It was a long summer waiting & wondering. And yeah, lots of worrying. I didn't blog about it because while I enjoy a good whine, it seemed like it was consuming me. I was worried about all the what if's----what would my course of treatment be, who would watch the Wee One? What if things got really bad?

I feel as though I've dodged a bullet & feel so lucky. Other women haven't been as lucky as I have.

If you are of a certain age or have a family history of breast cancer, please make sure you have annual mammograms. You owe it to yourself, as well as those who love you.

*steps off soapbox*

On the knitting front, I am (thankful) working on a ribbed baby jacket which is done in one piece, similar to the MDK baby kimono. I'm using my bff Plymouth fantasy naturale & the new love of my life---Knit Picks harmony needles. My Crystal Palace straights are jealous.

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bookwyrm said...

My nephew (2) has recently had a neuroblastoma cancer and is still dealing with a terrible disease caused by the cancer-OMS. They are still waiting for him to say his first word...and a couple of weeks ago he almost lost his ability to walk. Giving thanks...yep, everyday. He is alive and well, but such a hero for all the treatments he is still undergoing. Makes normal "terrible twos" seem like a downright blessing!

Woo-hoo for good results on your MRI...and total agreement about those mammagrams!