Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Pats-less Sunday

*sigh* No football for me today. Not much knitting this past week either---I'm still plugging along on the heel flap on my brother's sock & hopefully will get that done tomorrow before knitting group.

The Wee One is on the mend & tonight Daddy broke out his otoscope & looked in her ears & mouth & declared she is healed! Yesterday was her last day w/ the z-pak so now I'm crossing my fingers & hoping she doesn't get strep again for a good long time!

Yesterday was errand day--we went to post for gas (cheaper than in town), ran to the PX on a fruitless errand. I was looking for Keds for the Wee One, the Sims2 Freetime (don't judge) & a new lap desk for my laptop as my old one was leaking polystyrene beads. No to the Keds, no to the Sims2 Freetime & no to the lap desk. We went to Barnes & Noble for a couple books & much to my surprise, they had a lap desk! It's purple! Then to Red Robin for lunch (yum), Petco (where the pets go) for food for Libby. Only 2 of the dogs up for adoption stole my heart this time. Usually I have to talk myself out of adopting 2 or 3. One day. Groceries & then home.

Today I became one with the couch for a few hours & got to know my Sims2 Freetime game (thank you Walmart!). Is it wrong of me to admit to being bummed that knitting wasn't one of the hobbies?? Again, don't judge!

Tomorrow starts a new school/work week & tomorrow night is knitting group! YAY! I have come to look forward to Monday evenings just for those couple hours w/ like minded ladies. They're a great group & I am so glad I started going!


vegasangelbrat said...

Sorry to have been away so long! Glad to hear te wee one is Good! Not good to have an unhappy wee camper :)
Don't get bummed about not knitting, sometimes you need a break or do something different..I had my time away, had so much I wanted to do, but didn't know where to
Have a great rest of the week!!

bookwyrm said...

Errands do take up so much time...and so frustrating when you don't feel like you accomplished anything. Glad healing is complete...and love that fact that you play video games too! I would be bummed about the no knitting choice ought to send them the suggestion...maybe you could download a patch or something that would add that option! (grin)