Friday, June 05, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Since I went so long without blogging I feel like I need to share what we've been up to & why I haven't been knitting.

We went to Yellow River Game Ranch with my friend Paige & her 3 girls (the youngest is turning 1 this month & didn't make it into our picture). Her oldest is a couple weeks younger than the Wee One so we were pregnant together.

The girls got along really well & played nicely together, which is always nice!

For some reason the black bears made me really sad. They look like they'd really rather be somewhere else.

Isn't the peacock gorgeous? Their colors are so incredibly rich---I took lots of pics of them!


Channon said...

I think that's why I don't visit zoos or the like. I love to see the animals, but when they're contained/restrained, it makes me sad too. (Although Sissy is restrained too, for her own safety...)

lauriec said...

Some of the other animals didn't have the same sad look as the bears. It was very strange. This was the first time at any sort of zoo that I got that vibe.

Libby rides in her crate in the car---for my peace of mind & her safety so I totally understand you restraining Sissy. Plus, most dogs need that safe space like a crate or kennel.