Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A very yarn filled day!

Not one, but two, count 'em TWO FO's! I was trying to come up with a good teacher gift for Valentine's Day & then it hit me----washcloth, shower gel & lotion.

Off to my stash to find pink or red cotton yarn. Obviously it wasn't hard. Next stop, Ravelry to find the patterns. Then I started knitting. When I finished the first cloth (the 5 heart pale pink) I went into what Hunter calls "The Closet of Doom" into my stash of toiletries & found some yummy smelling Bath & Body Works shower gels & lotions for the Wee One's teacher & the aide.

Then I CO for cloth #2 (2 heart hot pink) after dinner. Knitted thru LOST at 8pm & by the time this week's new episode started, I was onto the plain stockinette & garter stitch rows.

Blocking to follow & then to be wrapped up w/ the companion goodies for Friday!

And finally, I purchased one more skein of yarn. This time from Amanda at

Amanda dyes the most beautiful yarns & is a fellow New Englander as well as Red Sox fan. In short---she's perfect *wink*


NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for the linkage - and the order!

It is going out today...

Happy 1st day of Spring Training day!


Channon said...

Pretty, pretty, and I have to agree - Amanda is wonderful, and so is her yarn! (I hope you bought the skein I'm trying to resist - really!)

lauriec said...

I'm jealous you guys got to hang out & knit!