Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Holly posted a pic of her knitting books so I thought I would do the same. When I started knitting I figured I'd never need to spend money on books because of all the patterns available on the internet. I mean, why would I want to??

I know, it's funny. I laugh when I think about it too!

Not much going on the knitting front. Spring Break is what I'm calling it. I got great news today that a good friend of mine is pregnant & due in October. Hmmm, chilly weather kicks in after October. The possibilities are mind-boggling!


Holly S. said...

See? It's catching! I got the idea from one of my flickr friends. Now I've inspired you. I always say, the last original idea was born in 1977.

NH Knitting Mama said...

This pic is beautiful. I love pics of knitting books, yarn stash, knitting needle storage ideas.... the heart is all a-flutter.

Channon said...

I love knitting books, but I find I rarely use them. I'm trying to knit from my pattern stash too, but it isn't working!