Sunday, March 01, 2009

We have SNOW!!!!!

And I LOVE it!!!!

The Wee One donned her snow boots, winter coat, hat, mittens & went out to play. She & Hunter threw snowballs & we made a small snowman.

The only downside of the snow---the daffodils. Snow makes them sad.


Channon said...

God willing, I'll have a post like that myself tomorrow morning... Enjoy!

lauriec said...

I'm knitting & watching the snow fall! It's so pretty & making me so homesick!!

knittingyoyo said...

Oh, my goodness! I wondered if you were getting snow. I texted Joseph but have not heard back but if you are getting it then he is too. Beautiful. Enjoy it!

Michelle said...

Oh, your poor daffodils :( yep, they certainly don't like the snow. Yep, I found it hilarious that school was canceled yesterday. In MI that would never happen for this little bit of snow!!!

BTW, I was also laughing at the fact that they compared this snow to the "storm of 93". The way people around here have always talked about that snowstorm, I thought they got like a foot of snow!!

lauriec said...

We would be housebound if a foot of snow ever hit here, except for those of us used to driving in snow. And then we'd be labeled as "crazy Yankees driving in the snow"