Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not much knitting

but perhaps I'll have a new place to store my yarn fairly soon. We submitted a contract on a house today! Much of the last couple weeks has been researching homes online (what neighborhood is it in, what school would Sunshine be zoned for, etc) & then going back & forth w/ our realtor. We looked at 6 houses on Thursday. By mid-afternoon I was mentally & physically exhausted. Floor plans, paint colors, & wallpaper ran together in my mind. Two houses stood out & we made arrangements to go back to one of them to measure the master to make sure our bedroom furniture would fit.

Yesterday we looked at one more house & while the price was right, we didn't get the vibes that it was "the" house. But still, 2 master suites, 2 more br's, hardwood floors didn't make up for the fact that the backyard was 75% stone patio (which was pretty but overkill), no garage & the driveway was reaaaaaaaaaally steep. Trick or treaters would egg our house because of the stone steps up from the street & I wouldn't blame them.

So right now, we're one of 3 contracts being presented today at 5. We do know that one of them is for less than our offer (both purchase price & earnest $$) so we're hoping the other offer is for less than ours too.

I know you're concerned about my yarn---there is a nice sized closet in the guest room that would work well.

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