Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm told it's a rite of passage

but it left me feeling like I was either going to cry, laugh hysterically or be sick to my stomach.

The Wee One decided to cut her hair today. By herself. While we were out of the room. You'll remember that this was her hair last week on the 1st day of school. A little past her shoulders, no bangs, unlimited styling options.

Until today. I discovered the hair in the trash & honestly didn't know if I was going to cry, yell, be sick or laugh like a crazy person.
A quick dash to the kiddie salon & we left with a chin length bob w/ some bangs. I'm happy that we were able to do some sort of style as she really whacked off a good chunk on the left side of her head.

So here is my beautiful girl, with her big girl hair cut. I'm getting used to it & it's now hitting me why my parents used to cringe when I used to color, straighten, whatever my own hair.

On the Name That Kindergartener Contest front---we have a winner! The name & winner will be named tomorrow. It was a hard choice & Hunter was torn between a couple of the submissions. Thanks to everyone who played!!


Cathy said...

OOOOOOOOO Mommy! 2 of my girls cut their hair. Both were in Kindergarten (what do they teach them there?)...One of them did it the day BEFORE school pictures, and her bangs ended up about 1/4" long.

Good thing you had enough left to take to the salon!

Hugs to the "Mommy"...*sigh* we're right there with you!

knittingyoyo said...

She does look like a big girl. I had the same thing happen but only with one of my kids, Matthew of course, my most adventurous. Her new look is very cute.

Lady Wyvern said...

Oh I remember when Sara did that.
It broke my heart. She did decide she preferred it long and its now long again.
I know what you are feeling. It wasnt that long ago that the rush of emotions of her growing up were what I felt.
Now, I just want her to be 6 again.
She's picked her branch choices. 1-Combat Arms 2- Intel 3- Airborne
4- Signal Corp 5- Infantry.
Yea, I want her to be 6.

Ursula said...

Oh wow! The new cut makes her look so grown up! I wonder if my little guy will some day cut his own hair. My husband is going for the long "surf hair" look like he had. I don't know how EITHER of us would take it! LOL

Jami said...

I love her hair. It's so cute!! All kids cut their hair. Be glad she just cut the side. PJ took the scissors and did a nice "V" right in the top of his head. Needless to say, he ended up with a buzz cut!!