Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Get away/ Come here

I've felt like the worst mother on the planet for the past couple days. The Wee One is so anxious about starting Kindergarten tomorrow. We've talked about being nervous, how it's natural & I've reminded her how she didn't want to move onto the PreK last year, that she wanted to stay w/ her 3 yr old class teacher. And how very quickly she grew to love Mrs. Kathy. Well, now we don't want to leave Mrs. Kathy.

Her behavior has been hit or miss for a few days. I know part of it is school & the other is getting used to being home after spending a month away. But I'm only human & the whining & not listening & attitude & clinginess is really wearing on me. I'm all about a hug & kiss but the wrapping herself around my legs or hanging on my arms. Driving me insane.

We had a pool playdate last week w/ some of our PreK friends & all the moms said the same thing about their children---whining, not listening, acting out. It reassured me but it still doesn't change things. I was relieved to know I'm not alone!

Last night we had Orientation at the Wee One's school & had the opportunity to meet her teacher. I had met her back in the Spring when I toured the school & was impressed with her. Very caring, knew her stuff & just got a very good vibe from her as well as the school. The Wee One found her desk & sat down but that was about it. "I don't want to be in Kindergarten, I want to be at my old school" *sigh* And this was after she realized 2 boys from her old school will be in her class.

So while I want her to stop clinging to me, I find myself wanting to hold her & stop time. I know I've said this before, but how did we get to this point? Didn't I just have a baby? Weren't we just doing playdates where the babies played & rolled around on the floor while we compared notes on sleeping, feeding, etc? I'm so grateful that I've been able to be a SAHM & to be home with her, especially since Hunter was gone so often.

Tomorrow will be a hard day, despite the fact that I've sent her to school before. Some of the other PreK moms from our group last yr are getting together for coffee & moral support. I think we're all going to need it!!


knittingyoyo said...

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. You are right they grow up so fast. We want them to be independent and yet we want to hang on to them. Hate to tell you this but that never really goes away even when the the youngest is 23. I know Wee One will come home excited and ready for the next day of school to get to play with her new friends.

Holly S. said...

I've heard lots of moms telling this same story. I hope y'all both do well tomorrow.

Lady Wyvern said...

It doesn't change as they get older.
I wish I could rewind time and have Sara be Wee One's age again. I cried when she started college. Now that she is out on her own (thank you to the Army for paying for her housing off campus) it's even harder. Every sneeze, cough, whine.. I just want her to be little and be able to comfort her again.
Then, her accomplishments make all the first days of school that were heart wrenching worthwhile and when I see the woman she is becoming, they are all worth it.
Wish I could say it gets easier, I know that would be what you want to hear, but it isn't true. Hold on as long as you can, but remember to hold on loosely , its a hard process, but it's an awesome one!