Sunday, August 09, 2009

Name that Kindergartener Contest!

While I'm comfortable posting pics of my daughter on my blog, I'm not comfortable using her name. I've gone so far as to delete comments where people have mentioned her name or asked that they themselves delete the comment.

For years I've called her "The Wee One", which was fine while she was a wee one. But at 5 & in Kindergarten, she's really not a wee one anymore.

This leads me to sponsor a contest---the name that kindergartener contest. Starting now, ending on Friday the 14th. The winning nickname will be chosen by Hunter (he's sort of neutral, right?!) & the prize is some yummy, pretty yarn (to be shown later when I get off my butt & take a pic).

So, name away!!!


Deb B. said...

For ages I had nicknames for my girls. "Short stack" for A and "Lil' Bit" for L.

I like just "Bit" for the Wee One.

With love from PDX,

Lady Wyvern said...

Oh the age old dilema.. what to call the child as they grow to the next phase.

Jane said...

You know how a lot of us refer to our daughters on line - DD (dear daughter)? So how about DeeDee, or DeeGee (Daddy's girl).

--Jami said...

Well, I still think that she is a miniture you, so you should call her Minnie, Mini or whatever :)

Lavender Ladybug said...

How about calling her Sunshine?

JulieM said...

Hmmm. How about Little Lady (LL)which will eventually transform into Lovely Lady!