Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunny Saturday & a pair of socks

My Low Roll Sporty socks (Cascade Fixation) are finished! I actually BO sock #2 last Monday night at knit group.

I'm hoping that when we do our yarn store field trip next Saturday that I can get more Fixation as I love this yarn---cotton is always good down here & the "sproingy" feel works for me too!

I CO the Vine Lace Scarf earlier this week & soon had the pattern memorized. I worked on it at home & in car line waiting for the Wee One. Thursday I realized there was a mistake towards the end of the knit/pattern row. I was off by a stitch, the pattern was no longer lining up & it happened about 2" down from where I was.
Granted, 2" in a scarf isn't an issue but still, the ripping out is so scary & frustrating. A-frogging I went & now we're nearing the end of the first skein. Yes, it's Koigu KPPPM. I'm also hoping to pick up another couple skeins of this yarn next week too!

The Wee One had a great time at school this week & is back in the swing of things. Yesterday when we picked her up she was crying---she didn't want the school day to end! The director was the one bringing her to the car so we chuckled about how they must be doing something right!


Dorothy said...

So glad wee one is enjoying school! Gorgeous socks!

bookwyrm said...

It is always a little bit of a relief when the "wee ones" like school. I did the craziest thing with your blog...I kept checking and checking and there wasn't any updates. I figured you were busy and would post soon. Anyhow, it just know dawned on my that the bookmark for your blog was on the entry only page...not your home blog page. Silly me! I have now bookmarked the correct link and am glad to catch up. Socks are super...I have ordered cotlin from knitpicks for dishcloths. I'm about to knit with cotton for the first time...I think I will like cotton better than wool for these hot summer days. (grin and bracing for Gustav!)

bookwyrm said...

"just know dawned on my?" Sorry! I usually type better than that. I've been fall cleaning today and am wiped out! Should be..."just now dawned on me" (sheepish grin).