Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laurie & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Sock

My Yarrow Ribbed sock, that is. Started in March (or was it Feb?), left to sit in my knitting bag until I decided it would be a great UFO for the UFOlympics.
On Monday I worked on it at Monkey Joes while the Wee One played. It had been so long since I'd done socks that I forgot the fun of turning a heel!
Yesterday, I picked up the gusset stitches & for a brief second forgot how to do the gusset decreases & had to look back at the pattern. Now I'm about an inch & a half from starting my toe decreases.
The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush & is easy. "Easy" means I don't need to constantly look at the pattern to remember the instep stitch pattern! The only thing I'm not liking is the yarn! It's Noro's sock yarn which I picked up at North East Fiber Arts Center in Williston, VT when I was home at Christmas. The colors are SO gorgeous & Noro sucks me in every.single.time with their colors. This yarn is well, hard feeling. Maybe rough is a better description. The socks are for me so hopefully they'll soften after being washed.
On to another topic---the Olympics. Why is it that all the good events (meaning the events I like) are on after 1030/11pm?? Hmmm? I don't need help staying up late, remember? Ive done that w/ Olympics past, Red Sox games (Hello! The '04 AL series against the Yankees?! The '07 AL series & World Series), various knitting projects, etc etc.
Monday night I got sucked into watching the men's gymnastics until 1230! The old me wouldn't have batted an eye at that time. She would have said "right, that's bedtime silly!" But the new me (meaning the more mature, hubby is home so we go to bed by 1030 now) says "no no, I HAVE to be asleep by 11! Sirens will sound if I'm not!"
Last night was the women's gymnastics team finals. I think you know me well enough to know I am all about all things girly. Figure skating, field hockey, dance, and obviously gymnastics. Geeky admission of the day: after Mary Lou Retton won the gold at the 1984 Olympics, I would do a cartwheel & round off off the bench at our field hockey games in imitation. Yes, I am a dork!
So I got smart last night & programmed the dvr to record the Olympics. HA! Take THAT NBC! You show the cool sports when I'm sleeping, fine! I'll watch it in MY time!
It's raining out today so no "guppy guppy" for the Wee One. She goes back to school in a week & a half so I'm trying to give her as much play-at-home time as possible. I'm hoping to get my sock done & CO for the mate.
And I'm off to look at the Olympics schedule so I find out when the field hockey games are being televised. (*Insert raspberry directed at programming execs here)


Angela said...

The Noro does soften up a bit. The colors are beautiful though, aren't they? The thing that drove me over the edge was the way it knitted up everytime I pulled it out of the ball. :p I hear ya on the late Olympics thing. I'm a night owl by nature, but forcing myself to go to bed earlier now that dh is home. Hmph. :-)

Holly S. said...

On behalf of your local NBC affiliate, I appologize.