Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the games begin!

I'm signed up for the UFOlympics on Ravelry & my 2 "events" are my lace leaf shawl & my yarrow rib socks. Today I did a few rows on my shawl

The Wee One has strep throat. Ugh. Wednesday I knew something was up ---she refused iced cream, was fine with going to sleep during rest hour & was fine with coming in from the pool. When she'd been resting for a couple hrs I went in to check on her & discovered she was burning up (100.6 temp in the right ear, 102.6 in the left). A quick peek into her mouth showed bright red dots that covered the back of her mouth/throat. So I got her dressed, brushed her hair & off to the hospital we went.

Our hospital has a new clinic in the ER--it's designed for minor illnesses & is meanto get you in & out in a shorter period of time. We were in & out in 30 minutes. A new record!! 10 min. wait in the pharmacy for her z-pak & motrin and we were home bound.

And a hint to those parents out there whose kids won't touch pedialyte, gatorade etc---get the pedialyte freezer pops! She loves them! Had 2 yesterday & 2 today! I feel like I've pulled one over on her. VICTORY!!!!!

Yesterday I had renew my DoD id so we did that (I didn't let her breathe on anyone) & then to target for a new toothbrush for the wee one (again, dont breathe on anyone) then it was home for lunch & rest hr. Today we lazed around the house & rested. I worked on my shawl & fought the urge to CO a new project! I have 6 more rounds to finish the shawl. Then I'll work on my socks. It's a pretty easy pattern & I do like the yarn (noro sock) so those will be fun. Plus they're for ME! Just in time for cooler weather.

The French athletes are walking into the stadium for opening ceremonies. Their costumes are eh. The Poles look they're going to be bridesmaids at a casual wedding. I won't even discuss what the Finnish women had on. So sad. You know, the people who didn't make the team are home watching & pointing & laughing.

The US outfits are sort of yeah, well, yeah. I'm glad that Pres. Bush stood up---for a second he looked like it wasn't going to happen!

Not a lot planned for the weekend other than knititng, relaxing, hopefully a little back to school shopping for the Wee One & maybe a hair cut.

I'm looking forward to watchng the gymnastics, swimming/diving, soccer, track & field & field hockey. I remember one Olympics--Barcelona maybe, the field hockey was played at like 3am my time. I caught several games!!

The Wee One was a baby during the last Summer Olympics. She was 4 months old & would be doing tummy time or playing on the floor. If they wereshowing swimming, field hockey or soccer she would glue her eyes to the tv. It was bizarre. Only those sports, too. It'll be interesting to see what she likes this time.

Okay, the ambien is kicking in, so I am going to hop into bed!

Have a wonderful weekend!

GO USA!!!!


Angela said...

Strep throat? Poor little girl. I had Strep a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was going to die. Although, I did lost 5 pounds that week. :p

Jami said...
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