Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is it me?

Is it strange that I don't want to buy my 4 year old clothes with a skull & crossbones pattern??? I admit to loving all things pink & green, grosgrain, Muffy & her 1980's preppy handbook but come on. When she's a teenager & trying to be all rebellious THEN she can sport a skull & crossbones t shirt. But at age 4???


Holly S. said...

You're so right. I have a friend at church who refuses to let her son (now a 5-year-old) wear the shirts that say stuff like, "Wanna buy my sister?"

PhDCow said...

As much as I appreciate that MIL buys their clothes, I really wish she'd just send us the money instead. Half of the stuff is too "cute" to be practical and the rest tends to be stuff we wouldn't want them wearing. I guess she wants them to be fashionable, but kids this young should be children, not little grown-ups.

lauriec said...

I dont mind fashionable items but I guess the more "adult" prints are where I draw the line.

I'm also anti-animal print for little girls.

People, I have issues!

Jill said...

I wouldn't buy the skull and cross bones stuff for my son let alone for a little girl. I don't get that trend at all for little ones.

Shawnee said...

Don't you know, the styles today can be SO inappropriate. Hang tough momma.

PS - I've awarded you the Brillante Weblog Award -- come visit my personal blog for details.

Jami said...

Be glad you don't have teenage boys! Black w/ skulls is their entire wardrobe. I hate it.

jopal said...

My son went thru a "black" stage in high school and after but when he was little he wore Garanimals and leisure suits. Looking back is fun and embarassing for him.
My girls were not into black - One wanted to be Michael Jackson and the another was a Madonna wannabe for a while! The youngest was a jock.
I got away pretty easy!

lauriec said...

I should add that the Wee One didn't ask for anything w/ skulls & cross bones on them. I was shopping ALONE! HAHAHAHA, sorry, got away from myself there. Being alone while shopping does that to me.

So there I was, alone in the store & seeing these articles of clothing w/ the s & cb pattern when the shock of it all hit me.

I have soured her on Bratz dolls, but that's a whole other blog post!!