Friday, August 22, 2008

The things you learn on Ravelry

Today I learned that all those knitting patterns I've got on my computer can go on my ipod! Did you know this???

Apparently you enable disk use on your ipod (on itunes) which then allows you to save text documents (not word) to your ipod! No more carting around paper patterns or books! How 2008 is this?!!!

Despite my "aha" moment today I came to a sad realization. The baby blanket that I started in 2006 that was mentioned in the previous posts isn't workable. I printed out the pattern (prior to my aha moment!) & started to work on it while watching some Olympic baseball today. It was going to be my equivalent to when the figure skaters who have medalled do their showcase. Sadly, my showcase isin't going to happen.

Somehow the pattern isn't the same. I dont know where/how/why it happened. So it's in my knitting bag awaiting it's fate , possibly BO & use as a baby doll blanket or a dog crate liner for Libby. I've decided to CO another pair of socks for myself--Low-Roll Sporty from Knit Socks. I'm using some Cascade Fixation that I've had sitting around in my stash. After that I'm going to use up some Elann Esprit with a pattern that is, you guessed it, on my ipod!!


Holly S. said...


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I have an iPod touch.... TELL ME HOW!! I've been wanting to get my PDFs on there...


LeslieJ said...

i didn't know this either! explain please ;)

LeslieJ said...

tee hee
now, I just have to finish the 2 pairs of socks I have going, then I can use the "Jaywalker" pattern on the ipod :)
thanks for being so smart!!

Cathy said...

Oh Dear...send me pictures of the blankets and see if I can help you with this dilemma! Can't have a baby blanket left undone!

After all we got you through cables..this can't be so hard to figure out.