Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunny Sunday in the South

I am a sucker for alliteration! The wee one's first name was almost Courtney because 1) I think it's a pretty name but 2) because our last name starts w/ a C & it would have been alliterative. I tell you guys I'm a geek but no one believes me!

These are the other wives I went to dinner with on Friday. It was Spouse's Night Out & free child care was available at the child care ctr on post so of course I signed the wee one up. I made plans to meet up w/ my friend Kim (blonde on the far right) & we'd carpool to the restaurant. I get to the CCC & discover that not only does Kim not have a reservation but neither do I. And about 20 something other women! People, we don't upset Mommies who are all gussied up to go out on a Friday night. Common sense right? Somehow our names never made it onto the list. Fortunately Kim's regular sitter was able to watch the wee ones so we drove to Kim's house & dropped them off w/ her sitter (who is a sweet girl and could be making some $$$ off me in the future!)
We had dinner at Carrabba's---yum! I am not a big fan of Italian chain restaurants after living in Boston & having access to some of the best Italian food this side of the Atlantic but I have to say that I LOVE Carrabbas food! They have a great menu & a nice wine list. I had a glass of the Sartori Pinot Grigio & the Pollo Rosa Maria.
I've been working on my bag for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange. My partner is very sweet & I dont think she's figured out who I am yet. I want to get her bag out to her before my trip next month so I'm feeling pressure to get it done NOW. I worked on it for a couple hrs last night while watching Night At The Museum. Cute movie!! I love Robin Williams & he was fabulous as Teddy Roosevelt.
Tomorrow I need to get her goody package out. It's going to cost a fortune as I've acquired a lot of pressies for her. I need to invest in some of those flat rate boxes!
My upstream partner (the one who has you is the upstream right??!) is a lovely lady! She sends the sweetest emails, sent me a great goody package a couple wks ago & informed me today that she's sending another one! A girl could get used to this!

So far today I've taken out the trash & gone to Wamart to pick up some groceries & more printer ink. We have a basic Lexmark printer that we got with wedding gift $$. I think we paid maybe 100$ for it & it's a printer, scanner, copier. In the 4 1/2 yrs we've had it Im willing to bet we've put over 1000$ into ink cartridges. I am certain that it's a conspiracy. Cheap printer that will last you but you will spend more than the price of a Ford Focus in ink during it's lifetime!
I never used to shop at Walmart for groceries. I either used to go to Publix or the commissary. The comm. is much cheaper but is 15 mi from where we live. Publix is 2 mi down the road but more $$. Then in January we got a SuperWalmart. Talk about one stop shopping! Rumor has it we're getting a SuperTarget as well & that it's going to be about a mile away from me. Danger Will Robinson!!
Today I'm going to work on this for the wee one. I'm using Plymouth Fantasy naturale (went a little nuts on a couple months ago with some of their sale colors!) in hot pink for the body & either lime or baby pink for the ruffle. I haven't decided yet! I also need to make one for my friend Tara's little girl (5 mos. old tomorrow) I think it'll be adorable on her too!
Since Survivor ended last week my Thursday nights are free. Last week I went to the Chaplain's support group on post. Its called "KIT" Keeping it Together (when the Army is tearing you apart). Our Chaplain's a nice guy & very down to earth. He's also been over there & knows what the guys are dealing with as well as what his wife dealt with. I swear, I'm becoming the joiner I never said I would. So far this deployment I am a key caller (someone who calls a group of wives when there's news to get out, both good & bad), the organizer for our Meals on Wheels program, I host a Yahoo group for the wives in our company & now I'm doing this support group. JOINER!!!! Some days I scare myself!
I'm off to get the lunch dishes done & then get the wee one ready for her nap. Hope everyone's enjoying their afternoon!!


LeslieJ said...

So cute, I think it would look very cute in a yellowy mix :)
teehee. hint hint wink wink :)
glad to see you had a good time, I was a-wondering where you were.

Tea said...

Nice blog! Oh my, your entry reminded me of the six years WE spent in service...yes, the wives serve in their own way, too. Kudos for helping make the lives of those around you better. Thoughts and prayers for the safety of your loved one. And thanks for the nice comments left on my blog. "Wee One" is a doll! :)

Crafty Canadian said...

I recommend the Monica in pink and green. Although I have yet to give it to my neice, I have had a ton of compliments and requests from friends to make one in a grown-up size!