Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The best laid plans. . .

so often go awry! My plans for today were to drop the wee one off at school, bring Libby to the groomer, get a pedicure, pick up some goodies @ Hobby Lobby for my Spring Felted Bag Exchange partner & then get the wee one at 1.

All that went out the window at 815 this morning when the wee one started to throw up. Blech. So 2 hrs later, here we are on the love seat w/ her next to me, her feet tucked under my tucked under legs watching Blues Clues. And of course, it's a beautiful morning out but I dont dare take her for a walk or to go swimming as they're too much for her right now.

I suppose it's a good a time as any to make a commitment as to which bag I'll make for SFBE & start knitting. I'm also doing the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloth group's 2nd quarter swap & need to get going on my dishcloth for my partner. Her kitchen colors are green, red, black & cream but her fave color is blue so I'm debating what color to use.

This episode of Blue's Clues has Steve and not Joe. I'm not a big Steve fan. I dont know if it's his attempt to hide his receding hairline or his resemblance to Pee Wee Herman (I actually like Pee Wee & have his Playhouse show on video courtesy of a gift from my best friend from hs). And did you know that Joe is a relative of Gen. George Patton? It's true!

I also need to start prepping for my MOMS meeting on Monday. It's my next-to-last meeting as chapter President! Next month we have our General Elections & then in July the new Exec. Board will take over. PHEW!

Hunter is scheduled to take R & R in Sept so I'm scouting condo/house rentals in Destin FL & Tybee Island, GA. We want to go to the beach w/ the wee one & Libby while the weather is still good. When he gets home (sometime in '08) he & I will be taking the honeymoon we didn't have & going to Europe. Germany & France to be specific. We're going to Paris & LaRochelle (where my Dad's family came from in the 1600's) & then either renting a car or taking the train to Germany. Hunter spent a total of 7 yrs there & is itching to go back. I'm hoping I can get a day trip in to Poland & go to the Polish Pottery factories! Im trying to find a platter in my pattern & hopefully could find it there!

Well, off to get the towels in the dryer & then go thru my cotton yarn to find something for my dishcloth! Hope everyone's having a good weds!!


LeslieJ said...

Hope she's feeling better and that trip sounds WONDERFUL!!!

Lacey said...

Poor littlie. I hated to be sick, well not hated, I still do hate to be sick! It's no fun. :(

And WHOA at that trip, how cool???!!! I would die to go on a trip to Europe. :D Have fun at the beach, hope it's still warm enough to swim, although that's usually a given.

And I just saw this purse pattern that I though you might like. It's in the new MagKnits.

It's a felted purse with a ruffle :D

vegasangelbrat said...

Sure hope Betsy is feeling better. Theres always another day to Your trip sounds fantastic! You all should have a great time, buy lots of postcards :)

lauriec said...

I am excited about the trip! When the guys are deployed they get extra pay for family separation, hazardous duty & hazardous fire. It's a decent chunk of change & it's not $$ that we normally have in our monthly budget so it seemed to make sense to open a special account (i opened a money maket acct) for our vacation & a new car for Hunter (a down payment). I am not a good saver by nature so it was important that I can make deposits online by transferring the $$ from our joint account into the MM. It was also important that I not have access to the $$ by a debit card/checks. So on payday I transfer the $$ online & don't think about it until the next month when payday hits again!

FINALLY I learn how to save $$ while he's gone!