Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Felted Bag Exchange Contest Question

How did you get interested in felting? Did you learn it from someone, see a bag you liked? Just want to try something new? If you have a picture of your first project, please include it!

I first became interested in felting about 2 yrs ago. My husband's step aunt knits, felts & sells her bags & she got my mother in law interested & she, in turn, got me hooked. My first bag was the red & black bag from Bags, A Knitter's Dozen. Sadly my fragile ego wouldn't let the pictures survive! I paid NO attention whatsoever to the felting instructions & it got REALLY small! I did manage to get it stitched up & attached a handle. I do get compliments when I use it but it could have been so much better had I taken the time to really learn more about felting prior to making the bag! I tell myself that one of these days I will remake the bag the way it was meant to be made!!


Lacey said...

I knit the ugliest impression of a Noni bag with my first felted project. I wanted to make a shoulder bag out of it, so I knit and felted a handle on that sucker too. Boy, is it ugly! I have a bunch of felted flowers I also made to go around the outside, can't bring myself to finish it, too ugly for words!

Again with the taking the pattern as a mere guideline. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, its your SP
I have a bunch of ugly stuff too that I won't take pics of.
Hope you are well.
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lauriec said...

Hello SP!

I just deleted everything in my junk folder (I don't check it first). Can you resend?

**Hee! My SP left me a message!!!!!!!!**

Anonymous said...

I resent it!
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