Sunday, May 06, 2007

I couldn't resist

God, forgive me. I know this is SO snarky but you have to admit, the resemblance IS uncanny! I'm not a big Jack Black fan (although I did like Shallow Hal) & Rosie. . .well. Rosie & I go back about 20 yrs. I saw her at a comedy club in the Raleigh, NC (Charlie Goodnight's). She was starting out, was snarky but not mean & was funny. My brother was working at NC State at the time & I was visiting on Spring Break from UVM. He, my then-SIL & I went to see Rosie. We were in the front row & she talked to us several times during her show. Brought up the Limited (then my favorite clothing store) & talked to me about my outfit. Discussed Catholic grade school with Michael & I. Then she went to VH-1 as a vj & the rest is history. Then she got pissy w/ Tom Selleck on her show in the late '90's & I lost all respect for her. I dont care what her sexual orientation is as it doesn't have any bearing on my life. What she (or anyone for that m atter) does in their bedroom is THEIR business. If they involve children then I'm gonna get up in arms but I digress.

I think Rosie's taken a dip in the deep end of the nutty cuckoo pool & has failed to come up for air. I really don't like the woman & this pic of her & Jack Black just made me chuckle!
Did I mention I got a ticket?


jopal said...

I argeee, Rosie has become a little over the edge! I used to watch her talk show but towards the end she became kind of a power junky. The Tom Selleck episode was the beginning of the end for me. I never really watched the View but a friend does and of course I hear the news reports of her ridiculous behavior. Someone should give her a wakeup call.
Sorry to hear about your ticket! Hope it doesn't cost you to much!

Anonymous said...

Um, regarding the ticket there, hun... does Hunter read your blog?????
Your SP

lauriec said...

LOL No, he doesn't!

Anne said...

HAHA That's awesome - and so true! Loving the new blog look :) Fresh and springy!