Sunday, May 06, 2007

The last few days in a nutshell

*Thurs: The wee one was well enough to go to school. I went grocery shopping for supplies for chicken enchiladas & mexican rice for another Army wife who is being induced on Mon. She's on bedrest & cannot stand up for even short periods of time so 4 of us brought her meals this weekend. I pick up the wee one at school & drive out to post to deliver the meal (which included paper plates, napkins & plastic silverware so she wont have to wash anything). On the way home I get a ticket for going 55 in a 4o mph zone. Never mind the car next to me was going the same speed. Grrr. Have to call monday to find out what my fine is.

*Fri: Go to playgroup w/ the wee one at Burger King. Since I'm trying to cut junk food out of my diet I order a grilled chicken salad w/ caesar dressing. An hour later I dont feel "right". 3 hours later I'm in the bathroom. I have food poisoning! UGH! Sleep poorly Friday night despite getting bed at 730.

*Sat: Wake up feeling better but the idea of a diet coke just isn't sitting right so it's water, pretzels & a grilled cheese for my daily diet. The wee one & I take Libby to play ball in the morning & go swimming around noontime. The pool is coooold but refreshing. After an hour we come home for lunch. Naps all around & another round of ball for Libby in the afternoon. Lazy evening where I attempt to figure out what pattern I'm using for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange. It's narrowed down to the Sophie (but larger) or the Taiga bag from Berocco. Im going to attach felted flowers to whichever bag to jazz it up.

*Sun: Did I mention I got a speeding ticket??? I have never gotten one before! I've "talked" my way out of the last 2 times I've been pulled over. Man, that Karma's a you-know-what-starts-with-a-B! I was coming home from a charitable act! I was driving home to feed my child! I wasn't doing my usual Boston driver routine! (I lived in Boston for 7 yrs & yes, some days I still exhibit my boston driver skills) How unfair is that?!! One of my friends suggested I not pay the fine & go to court & fight it. For some reason going to traffic court might get ugly when I tell the judge that the policeman rolled his eyes at me when I told him I was going home to get lunch for the wee one. Granted, it might make a good sit com but I'm just going to pay the fine.

A TICKET! No, I haven't told Hunter. No, I didn't mention it to my parents! Or my ILS! Can this just be our little secret???


Anonymous said...

Ok, my weekend didn't suck that much.
I wouldn't fight the ticket, just pay it.. and you know you are gonna tell Hunter eventually.
Hope you are feeling better. I am off to go take my mom.. somewhere...
(she and my dad are in visiting)
Have a better day
Your SP

lauriec said...

I will tell him. . .when he gets home. LOL

Enjoy your time w/ your family!!

vegasangelbrat said...

LOL Sorry about the ticket Shouldn't be too much and could've been worse'd probably be better just to pay it and be Tahnkful for being able to talk yourself out of the others :) (it caught up)
Glad your both feeling better. Have a good evening.