Friday, May 25, 2007

Because you want to see more pics!

These are my friends Tara, Kelli (standing) & Josie. We've been in the same playgroup for going on 2 yrs & I am so sad that Tara & Josie are moving this summer. Last night we went out to dinner for Josie's birthday. Kudos to her husband for arranging it all! He called us & asked us to meet at their house last night at 5. Josie had no clue we were coming! So it was off to Carrabba's (again!) & we were a party of 7 adults, 4 toddlers & 3 infants! The kids were all very well behaved & a good time was had by all. If you look closely you can see the wiggly one enjoyed her "noodles" (spaghetti w/ meat sauce) so much so that she wiped her hands on her shirt! LOL

And this is the wiggly one today at the pool enjoying a snack. She loves the water & today was our 2nd day swimming this week. Mommy's getting some color on her lily white legs!!

On the knitting front--I am going to CO for the ruffle for the Monica tank for her & I have my Spring Bag Exchange on the needles. Once the Monica is done I'll go back to the bag & work on felting my flowers too.

Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday weekend!


Anne said...

She is just such a cutie! Glad you have been able to enjoy the weather before it gets TOO hot!

LeslieJ said...

Glad to hear you are having fun!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I always dreaded that part where friends get to leave..but glad your having fun and looks like all had a great time! Betsy such a cutie, no matter what she's
Enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend.