Sunday, February 17, 2008

My oldest baby turns 5

Here she is yesterday at Puppy Bowl (fetch). Libby was born 16 Feb. 2003 & came to live with me (Hunter was in Iraq for the Invasion) on the 15th of April that same year. She became ours by default----Hunter's aunt owned her great uncle & great grandmother and her best friend down the street owned Libby's mother & grandmother. Well the mother (Daisy) was bred in Dec 2002 & when we found out she was having puppies told his aunt we wanted one. Specifically a small female who was sweet & spunky.
Fast forward to early April. The ILS are in ATL at the aunt's house en route to their time share. I go up for a few days to visit. I ask his aunt about seeing the puppies & all of a sudden she gasps & says "OMG you guys wanted one!" They thought that because Hunter was gone that we wanted to wait to get a dog. I was so mad. So I get over it, go visit & we see the puppies---3 females (all parti colored like Libby) & 2 males (one yooooge dark gray one & a smaller black one) and they are all sweet & spunky! They love belly rubs & are just sweet little dogs. I find out that the guy who was going to take the big male might not take him. "WE WILL!!" I tell everyone. The breeder (the aunt's friend) asks me to wait a week b/c the guy will let her know at that time if he's taking the male who is known as "tank"
So we fast forward a week & I find out that he is taking Tank but the people who want Libby can't take her so she is OURS!! I arrange to pick her up the day after Easter. A crate, dog food, toys etc later I drive up to ATL to pick her up. She sounded like a squeaky toy when she barked & was so little!
She cried most of the drive home (she was the 2nd dog to leave the litter) & almost choked on her collar the first night I had her (got it stuck in her mouth like a bit b/c it was too loose!). I had to carry her up & down stairs b/c she was so tiny. Slowly she got used to her new home, was smart enough to know that the door was where to go when she was ready to go outside & loved belly rubs!
When I was pregnant w/ the Wee One she used to sit next to me w/ her head on my belly. She's always been sweet with the Wee One & has put up w/ her toys being stolen, having a guest (Wee One) in her crate, having a scarf/blankets draped over her so she'd feel better & being dressed up like Jesus.
She still loves belly rubs & her favorite thing is playing ball in the afternoon. She's always goign to be my oldest baby & I'm sad to say, her bark no longer sounds like a squeaky toy!


Holly S. said...

Happy Birthday, Libby! Good Dog!

She's so cute, Laurie!

jopal said...

What a cutie.
We are back on Cape Cod checking out the ship wreck. It is still here! It is fun to think about how and why it got here!
Am going to try to get tickets for opening day at fenway. Local bus company putting them on sale Saturday for 170 each. Have to try! they are PRICELESS in my book. It would be awesome to be there and see them get their rings!

lauriec said...

TY Holly!

JoAnn--I expect pictures!!!