Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Did you say Super Bowl?

I'm sorry? I think you did. Yes, the Patriots lost. It happens. They had a perfect regular season & for whatever reason (Belichik's stoopid RED sweatshirt! ) they lost. It was one of the better games I've seen in a long time but the Pats just couldn't get it together. I wish that they'd pulled Brady & put Cassell in. You know, I'm a Red Sox fan----we're used to things like this.

The only good that came from the SB was my mojo is back (thank you LeslieJ!). I started a moderne baby blanket for my friend Paige who is due in June & was knitting with a vengance during the game. I dont smoke & really dont drink so it was either do that or drive myself nuts.

Today is Super Tuesday---have you voted?? I did! I went right after I dropped the Wee One off at school---usually I bring her & tell her that when my Memere & Grammy were born women dind't have the right to vote & that it's an important part of your rights as a citizen of this country. I think I will bring her with me for the Nov. election & give her the mini-civics lesson for that day.

On the topic of voting I'll admit here that I frequent Perez Hilton's blog. You know Perez---funky colored hair, blogs about celebrities, short lived show on Vh-1. Yeah, Perez. Well, our boy has a bit pro-Hillary diatribe on his blog today. I really don't care who anyone votes for---that's your business but I dont go to perez' blog for political information. Nor do I care who he's voting for. I won't bore you with who my choice was, if you know me IRL you already know who & why.

The Wee One is in her room watching Beauty & the Beast for rest hour & I'm off to knit a bit & get some rest. We're both getting over colds---I sound better than I did yesterday which is a great improvement!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

We voted here a couple weeks ago, and like you have no interest in who celebrities are voting for.