Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lazy days

So we're back to potty training. The Wee One took a very active interest this summer in using hte potty & we ran with it. By the time Hunter came home for R & R we were pretty much there. Then he left & regression took over!

So I gave in & let her go back to pull ups, knowing potty training & eating were the only things she could control in her little life. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did.

I decided that after Christmas we'd go back to it. On the drive to VA from VT she stayed dry for like 4 hours. 6 on the drive from VA to GA. Obviously this is a child who can use the potty. So this week I hit the wall with pull ups. I told the Wee One that she was a smart girl & a big girl & that she'd figure out using the potty & I had faith that she could do it. Yesterday she had 1 accident but spent the entire time she was awake in panties. Same with today. I am SO encouraged!!

The weather's been insane lately---chilly winter weather turned to tornado watches & 80 degree weather this past week.

Today we went to Target for a potty treat, got the Wee One's hair cut & got gas for the car & came back home for lunch. It's beautiful out so we'll do puppy bowl & our walk later on.

The Moderne Baby blanket is coming along nicely. I'm on the 4th block & will work on it later tonight while watching a movie before bed. Last night was Wive's Night Out so it was late (almost 11) by the time we got home. I'm usually strict about her going to bed at a decent hour but once a month wont hurt. I'm sure she'll be ready to go to bed by 730!


Knitting Mama said...

Good luck with the potty training. I am not looking forward to training my son. Apparently boys take longer! And start later!

Angela said...

Good luck! I am so glad I'm done potty-training. I hate the entire process. HA! Hey...I do Wives Night Out too! We went to Carinos for dinner! We should really try and meet up one of these days. lol

Lynne said...

They always say that they won't go to school in diapers.! i'm no expert with diaper training but apparently it finally happened because they're both married and the fathers of my grandchildren.
Good luck and she WILL finally get trained!

NH Knitting Mama said...

We're still potty training, too. Like you, I feel like food and potty are the two things he can control, so I try to give him a break.

Justshajam said...

Having been there done that, I just passed along our Joshua and his Potty DVD and book to a coworker- it also comes as Prudence and her Potty too. 2 days is great! Pretty soon you can shift your pull up funds to your yarn fund.