Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love it or hate it , today is Valentine's Day. All day. It feels as if it's been here for a month already with all the advertising.

Hunter bought me a nice watch & we sent him a box o'goodies a couple weeks ago. Plus, I got to talk to him online today which was great.

The Wee One came home from school with a bunch of suckers (which she must call lollypops) , cookies & candy from classmates. One of my worst nightmares (I call it "nightmare #24") went down in my living room---she had a sucker going, pulled it out of her mouth just long enoughto stuff in a chocolate heart & then insisted I open a packet of that "lick n dip" crud. Or whatever it's called. The stick that you dip into the colored sugar? My blood sugar is spiking just thinking about it. The rest of the suckers have been put away & the chocolate hearts are in the mug w/ her potty training treats.

Speaking of which, we've woken up dry 2 mornings in a row (I'm sure I've just jinxed tonight!) & she stayed dry at school all week. YAY! I'm really encouraged & am hoping we're on the road to success. Hoping, nah, I know we are.

So back to Valentine's Day. It hit me earlier that it's a day to recognize those you care about. I'm grateful for Hunter, the Wee One & our families. I think that goes without saying. I'm also very grateful for my friends---both IRL as well as those of you I've never met IRL but who have been a constant source of support to me during this deployment. Every comment on my blog, email, message on Ravelry means so much to me. So thank you my friends, I love you & consider yourselves showered w/ love!




Knitting Mama said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, my friend!

jopal said...

Hope the wee one is over her sugar shock! I decided to buy my grandkids clothes this year for Valentines day and Easter. I did add some little packages of Hershey Kisses Cookies to their bags so they wouldn't think I was neglecting them!
Larry and I are going to dinner tonight and we gave each other a trip to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play the end of MAy. My work is sponsoring an overnight trip to see 2 games that weekend! Can't wait!
I am glad you got to talk to Hunter online! Hope you had a great day!

Dorothy said...

Oh, hooray for staying dry at school! That's such a big step!