Thursday, February 21, 2008

Houston, we have FO!

Be my Dishcloth from Ravelry is my first FO in over a month. I'm not kidding when I said LeslieJ took it!
Fun little dishcloth pattern & it made a nice sized cloth. I'm going to make another heart cloth (again, thank you Ravelry & my friend Cathy W!) & call them baby washcloths. They'll be a gift along w/ a blanket for a friend of mine who is due in June w/ little girl #3.
My Wee One is staying dry all day! I know, I know, say something out loud & it'll jinx it but still. I am SO proud of her. I knew she could do it & she has. Most mornings she's woken up dry as well so we're doing great!
Let's go back to LeslieJ, the mojo thief, . . .we're doing a swap this month & it turns out she has me (we met in a dishcloth swap just over a yr ago when I had her). So we exchange a few emails discussing the swap & I mention that I might be interested in hosting one. Another bag swap perhaps. Then LeslieJ has the BEST idea. A sock swap where you make 1 sock for your pal & send them the yarn etc to make the mate! No SSS! How fun is that? It's no wonder she teaches preschool!
So what do you think? Does that sound like a fun swap? I dont want anything so huge that it's a pain in the neck to coordinate & have people flake on because that's just no fun. Something like maybe 20 people? Small enough to get to know personalities etc but big enough that it's not the same personalities. Did that even make sense?
I'm thinking that signups would be during March, partners announced 1 April & socks/packages are due by 1 June. Of course dates etc are up for debate.
If you're interested in doing this type of swap, please leave a comment and/or message me on Ravelry. I'm lauriec!


LeslieJ said...

teehee, aren't i the smartest ever?? xo

jopal said...

I am interested! Sounds like fun.